Friday, May 21, 2010


Just woke up from a 40 minute long nap (can't afford any more than that). I need to get ready and I don't know what to wear. Have to go eat dinner with Frederik's family at Coyote Bar and then I've to go to David Guetta, and will only be home after 3 am....... I'm so damn tired and feel like falling asleep any second, how can I manage all that? To top it all off, I'm going to Paris early in the morning. Not that I'm not excited!!! NEW LOOK! Heh.
But yeah, I really have no clue what to wear tonight, because 1) it's damn hot outside, 2) there will be what...11 000 people at david guetta? i guess that's no heels for me, 3) I will need to be comfortable, but also 4) dressed for a night out. I've absolutely no clue!! Anyway, have a nice Friday night whatever you're doing, guys xxx


  1. your friday sounds sexy.
    mine ... revision :|

  2. have a great friday to you too :)

  3. hope u have funxx take good pictures for paris and the concert. as i would love to see them