Friday, May 28, 2010


Experimenting with some effects on photoshop (my photoshop knowledge is very basic at this point, don't laugh at me : D). Do you have any suggestions with what I could try to do on photoshop? I have adobe CS4. PS. Loving my pink lace shorts!!! xx


  1. I am totally in love with those pants!!!!

    they fit you perfectly



  2. you can do many things on photoshop...
    you could try "Gaussian blur" which makes your pictures look more dreamful for example :) just google it, you will find tutorials on this effects!
    haha more i don't know, play with the colors and the layers :)

  3. It depends on what you want to do. If you want to set focus on your shorts you could blur everything, but not the shorts. Blur the background more than your body. :) ( )

    You could also make everything gray besides something that you want to put in focus. I often use that effect, when I want to show something. (

    You could also blur the sides( if you know what i mean ) so you are the focus. (
    I made the pictures real quick, but I hope they help :))

  4. Um.. A normal picture.. Nothing special...!

  5. There's something useful I always like to use. They are called C4D renders. Just google them and see how you like them. Add them to a seperate layer on PS and change the opacity, quite simple but works great ^^
    Have Fun

  6. don't those shorts make ur ass big?