Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey! Did I mention that I'm going to Latvia on Friday morning? I will be there till the 30th of August. Am 95% sure that I'll have internet, so I will continue blogging. I'm excited! I've arranged to meet lots of friends, and also have arranged (i think) 3 photoshoots. Will go shopping, like always. Will shop at vintage stores too. Hopefully get tanned haha.
I'm also hoping that Fred will be able to come too, I asked my dad but he hasn't given me an answer yet, buhuuu.
Now : will watch Criminal Minds, then will go to bed and read the new issue of Glamour. Good night ♥


  1. Love the shape of your body in that dress!It looks beautiful but I can´t really see it very well...I hope you are having a great time, and enjoy that movie..I love it!!xx


  2. Latvija jau gaida ar karstumu un vētrām. :)