Sunday, July 11, 2010


I don't have anything fashion related to show you guys, but I know you also like seeing random photos of what I've been up to (quite a few of you have told me this), so here goes. On Friday we went to Fred's grandma in Sonderborg. We had really much fun, and there was a parade with horses who all had cool hair. My favourite one was the mohawk, haha. In the evening me and Fred took a walk on the beach and took loads of pictures. I don't have much more to say.. enjoy ♥


  1. Ohh, you and Fred are such a cute couple :)). xx

  2. lovely pictures! very cute blog as well :)

  3. aw that picture where he's kissing your head is adorable! :D
    and the sea looks really nice! :)
    looks like fun :D
    vic, xxx

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  5. aawies, otrā bilde ir tik forša (f)