Monday, July 19, 2010


Hey guys! So today I've got a giveaway for you. Naketano (click) is an online clothing shop which sells simple and sporty clothes. They're offering 12 of my readers a giftcard worth 30 euros! The contest rules are:
1. Write your name and e-mail,
2. Tell me what you like or don't like about my blog (suggestions are welcome)

I will select 12 winners on Friday night, and note: the 30 euro does not include shipping costs. Good luck!



  1. Helena Pass,

    What i like about your blog, is that you're a simple girl, just like so many of us, not some cocky and arrogant fashionista bitch :D You make your blog very funny and you have a great sense of style.

  2. great store choice!

    I love the mix you have, with outfits, photoshoots, real life, friends and boyfriend, inspiration, etc, and how quickly you manage to post things, defiantly my favourite blog to check out!
    I'd love to see maybe you take a celebrity and do your twist on their style!

    much love, and good luck to everyone else


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  4. Name: Mayke
    Suggestions: I like your blog because you're just a normal girl, with a really great style. Other girls are most of the time very arrogant and spoiled. You let us see what you do in your freetime too, that really nice too!

  5. Beth Carter

    I love that you're just a normal girl, with normal problems. I also love that you do blog post frequently, keeping us up to date on your lofe and stuff.

  6. hey :) my name is cassie and my blog is: (although it's really not so great, as I only set it up recently) 
    reasons why I like your blog:
    - your blog inspires people very much and you show a new side to fashion. the way you put your clothing items together is very unique, yet everyone loves it.
    - whenever I get on the computer, your blog name like flashes in my head, that I should check it :) and I love how quickly you post new articles, which is something that keeps the readers entertained :) 
    - I admire you for how much time you devote to your readers and your blog, like even when you have exams.. you'll still post an article every once in a while :)
    - you know how to look after yourself therefore probably making people who wouldn't have cared so much about themselves, care more and begin to dress nicely :)
    - I think it's really generous how you like to give advice to people and help them out when they're in need, and if they're in a tough situation, you'll help them out of it as much as you can :)
    - you are simply just a wonderful person who no one could dislike :)
    you're blog is amazing! xx

  7. Anete Kruze,

    I don't like your blog, i love it :D because it is one of the blogs i can check daily and its always interesting. i like that you don't follow trends just because they're in. i like you because you always have an honest opinion and you're not afraid to show it. you're nice personality reflects on your blog.

    there usually isnt anything i dont like. sometimes when you post pics from the same shoot for a long time it can get a little boring but its still nice, dont worry :)

    for suggestions.. more photobombs. theyre awesome!

    nezinu kapeec visu rakstiju angliski. :D


  8. 1. Name is Charlotte, email is

    2. I like that you update everyday and sometimes several times each day. I like that you show us your outfits photos, both when you just took the picture in your room and later on "in action" with your friends for exampel. And I love actually love that you write what you have been doing, and show pictures of you with your friends, boyfriend etc. It makes your blog more personal, and it shows your personality. And I also like when you make posts about your latest purchases. That is really great. :)

  9. rebecca,

    i really like your outfitposts because i think they are inspiring :) you are beautiful and you have an amazing body too, so why not show it?
    and i love that you're updating that much, because that makes your blog a blog that people want to read daily! you seem like a very down to earth person with a good sense of humor and i also find it veeery interesting that you actually are a latvian girl living in luxembourg! :)
    keep on doing your thing! i hope you'll become a biiiig and famous blogger someday - you'd deserve it!

  10. Anete,

    i like your blog because you update often and when yu do its interesting. this blog has a nice simple layout where everything is easy to find. ...a lot of pictures which is great because everyone loves to look at pretty photos :D i also love your personlity! youre not afraid to be honest and express your views. i also like the way you're not some spoilt bitch who just uses her parents money to buy clothes. you're just like every average girl, you have to spend your own money on what you want! and all of that reflects on your blog. i like how you post enough text but not too much, but a lot of pretty pics. and everyday i go on blogger it's something to look forward to :D oh and i love how you put your haters down. its so funny.. you represent latvia well!!!

    the only thing id say i dont like is really minor.. when sometimes you post pictures from the same shoot for a long time, but its understandable. and they're still nice to look at :)

    [es varbuut pirmstam nokomenteeju, varbuut nee. jo man nojuka internets tapeec drosiibas peec meeginu veelreiz. :) ]

  11. Name: Maria

    I like your blog because there are so different stuff in your posts every day. You don't (for example) do a post every day where you show your outfit and write shortly where the clothes are from. I don't like that kind of "routine" blogs, hope you get my point. And you use so simple understandable english which is also a big plus :)

  12. Lindsey Niles,

    I like that you're a real person, not some ethereal-never-to-be-attained beautiful thing. You're gorgeous but you don't seem snobby about it, and I like hearing about your life. I'm always interested in what you're going to wear-you're much braver than I was at your age! (which was only like, 5 years ago, but still!)

    Lindsey Soup

  13. i love your blog because youre writing very are smiling everytime and it makes me smile too so i dont get bored when i read your blog.your photos are good quality.and you are posting very often.whenever i enter here i see new make me happy i love your blog i hope you never stop blogging :)

  14. Name : Laura
    E-mail :

    I love your blog because you update almost everyday and sometimes more than once a day. Your sense of style is very cute and I drool all over the clothes that you have. You're also very pretty and I love you persoonality :)

  15. eleri ojavere /

    i love your blog cause first of all you have a great sense of style and your blog is a great variety(?) to all those super fashion blogs, where everybody just show their outfits. you are not a fashion slave and you wear everything that really fits you and you ALWAYS look fab.
    i also love that you share your feelings and thoughts and i remember that you even mentioned a joke that you made on your trip to Denmark with FRed and you know that's so cute :D it's always interesting to read your posts, whatever it is about.
    i recently looked over all your formspring took time because you have so many of them, but haha it after that i love you even more :D i got to know so much about you and it's lovely that you are being so honest and every hater or wannabe is getting owned!
    well keep your interesting posts coming that i'd still have a reason to check your blog after every hour(sorry for being such a stalker, but i can't help myself xD )

    i don't have anything bad to say, cause i don't think i'm the one who should say what to do or not to do, the main thing is that you like your posts and's just a place where you share a pieceof your life and i like that you're not thinking yourself over what to postabout and sometimes post random things.

    wow i haven't written so long text in english since school was still on , but yeah good luck KRisty.

  16. Hello Kristy :)
    Name: Laisvūnė Šidlauskytė

    I really like your blog. A little bit addicted maybe :D I like it beacause of your sense in style which I think is very good :) But if it's fashion blog then won't write about your boyfriend (how smart, cute, etc. he is). I think thats why other girls wanted to add your boyfriend (and other friends) as a friend in facebook. they wanted to stole him from you! :D that's just my opinion :)
    oh, and I really like the idea of 'blog of the week'. don't forget writing about them :)

    have a good evening :)

  17. thanks! it's not a fashion blog though ;)

  18. chloe mesia

    what i love about your blog is that you give alot of inspirations to me. your style are simple yet very fashionable. I also think that you and your boyfriend are very cute and i wish you guys well. and in conclusion, your blog is great and theres nothing that i dont like about it.

  19. Alina
    To be honest...i LOVE your're a very beautiful girl (and i'm sure that you know that) but it doesn't get to your seem to be a very nice girl that loves to have fun...and that's what i really like about you...i'm sure you inspire a lot of people...your blog is about more then just a lot of other update often and you have an amazing style...
    i always liked reading blogs...but after i've read your posts for the first time i became a blog fan and i even started a blog now...
    that might sound cheesy but all i said/wrote was true


    Much love

    Gamze S. :)

    There's nothing i really don't like. But i enjoy watching yout pics and reading your posts. Your style of writing is nice and u can read them fluently

  21. Hi! I'm Caitlin, my email address is I like your blog because there is always fun pictures and you seem pretty down to earth yet always have great outfits!

  22. Name: Jelizaveta.
    My email:

    I am reading your blog not for a very long time, but I really fell in love when I first saw it! I think You are very stylish and trendy and put all your outfits really great together. You always look good and your hair and eyes is so beautiful! Beside that You are so pretty like a model. I think one day you can work in fashion industry!

    In addition I think there is nothing bad obout your blog. It's just strange that so many your followers wants to add you and your bf on facebook. But I'm not surprised, because you are so stunning. :)

    Greetings from Estonia.

  23. 1.) Frances,
    2.) Like: Your fashion sense :)
    Don't Like: picture sizes -- takes forever for page to load! Well, for my computer, at least :P

  24. Steffi.
    What I like: I like your sense of fashion, the way you mix clothes. I also like your layout. It is very simple, but I prefer it to others, because it's light and doesn't look a bit "messy" while showing pics.
    What I don't like: I would love if you did more video blogs. I know your not a v-blogger, but some videos, like voe does would be cool :)

  25. it looks like fashion blog to me :D

  26. Ramos Jenny,

    What i like about your blog?
    -i don't like, but i really ADORE
    your style
    -you're a normal, simple but beautiful girl, who doesn't need too much make-up to be pretty
    -your blog is simple, not too much colours, that's why it's easy too read
    -you post almost everyday
    -don't know why, but your posts are always interesting
    -you're a honnest person, you always say your opinion
    -your blog inspires me
    -i always look forward to read your blog, and i think that shows how much i like your blog :P

    what i don't like about your blog:
    -mhm nothing?
    :D no but seriousely, you're just so pretty, have a great body and a great sense of style...keep blogging :) <3

  27. eMail:
    I like the pictures you take from your outfits but also the pictures of your daily life :)

  28. well i think this is only for european followers right? Anyways, i really like your blog and im sure a lot of people do to and i think the main reason is because you seem so friendly and so nice, your post are really fun and you look beautiful in every picture, by the way i LOVE your hair:)
    thank for sharing everything, not only your outfits but your life as well



    I like that you're latvian, with beautiful clothes, beautiful smile, life, friends. I like your blog, because you always are so positive. and I like that you're so............. inocence, not like those fashion ladies, who has tons of make-up n stuff. you're cute :)

  30. Nora,

    i like your blog because you're the best example that "normal" people can have a great style and be a succesful blogger too, without having to have sooo much money that you can buy everything from chanel to guess. aaand i love your style, nothing new but yeah.. heh :D x

  31. My name is M. and my e-mail is

    I really like your outfits from your blog, and just your personal pictures! You have a great sense of style!
    I would like to see the brands of every clothes you wear. So that you just put a list with the things you wear on the picture beneath it!

    xx M

  32. Name: Rachel

    I like your blog because your style is simple and very chic. Your clothing choices are also practical and not overly-expensive, so it appeals to many people like myself. You're also a good photographer and it's nice that your blog is mix of fashion and photography.

  33. Name: Rachel

    I like your blog because your style is simple and very chic. Your clothing choices are also practical and not overly-expensive, so it appeals to many people like myself. You're also a good photographer and it's nice that your blog is mix of fashion and photography.