Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello little boys, little toys

My "silver" jewellery, not all of it is silver though :p

Ring from New Look and a 50cent bracelet from H&M

My gold/bronze colored necklaces. The first one I bought yesterday in some kinda indian shop and the other two are from New Look.

My pastel (kinda) hair stuff and a necklace.

Top to bottom: Seppala, Seppala, H&M, Seppala, Seppala, Ray Ban

Hair bows

I bought this bra yesterday in Bik Bok

And two pairs of tights I bought in Bik Bok yesterday too.

I have way too much stuff, like tights, acessories and hair stuff, but I almost never wear any of it. Doh!


  1. Love the photos, especially the last one - I thought it was one pair of tights(:

  2. are these ray ban original? how much did they cost? :)) love them <3

  3. same here about the hair accessories. threw many of them away this morning. it annoys me having too much stuff that i dont use.