Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riding around with bikes

So here's more pics from today, as I promised :D Bike riding is such great fun!!! Of course I'm only a beginner, but I would really like to learn some cool tricks :D I suddenly feel so excited about sports and stuff - so not me! Me and Fred want to start some martial art together - will be good for body and i will be able to kick ass. Then I wanna start pilates too cause then I'll become very flexible and it will be good for my back. And I also want a bike (for like ages now). Which one of these will I actually start, knowing the lazy side of me? :D


  1. Great photos, love the outfit.

  2. These photos are really nice, I love your outfit.

  3. i don't know about martial arts,but i really want to start pilates(i have problems with my back)
    I'd recommend pilates..even though martial arts are more fun :))