Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sorry for my crappy blogging. This is what I was up to today - we went to my great grandparents, cause my granddad is turning 90 years old in a few weeks. Took lots of pictures, helped them with stuff, ate cake. In the last picture, my hair isn't brown at the top and blonde at bottom, it's just the light :DD the real color in real life is probably the hair you see around the area of my necklace. Tomorrow I'm finally selling my iphone :D And now I'm going to sleep :D goodnight xx


  1. wow,90 years old!!
    you should have photographed him
    i find old people photos really interesting ;D well,actually,i find old people interesting

  2. your hair looks really good, it seems like it makes your eye color pop more out :D and i looove that floral shirt too, where did you buy it?

  3. Hi! :)
    I'm Tamara from e-mail some day XD :)
    Your hair is beautiful ;)
    And, on the picture 3 and 4 are your parents? :)

  4. why are you selling your iphone?:O