Friday, August 20, 2010

There's a brand new girl that's going round

When I go back to Luxembourg I'll order some stuff, but I'm still deciding. I've found like 20 things that I want, but of course when I'm back (in 10days), some of it might be gone, so in the end I'll probably just order a few things. This is what I want:

These hats and a snood

The skirt, dress and shorts

This belt. I'm so in love with brown belts at the moment, they look great on white lace or a black dress!

This black parka and heeled military boots. They aren't that high, so I think they could be good for school and everyday.

I also love these fake sheepskin waterfall jackets from New Look, but I can't decide which color.

This fake fur scarf thing, LOVE IT

A cluch bag and another of those quilted bags to add to my "collection", hehe

A pair of heels and these mini cowboy boots which I could still wear in summer with shorts/dresses/skirts and also in autumn with some skinny jeans!

I really like all of these things and can't decide which ones to buy, so hopefully some will be gone when I'm back in Luxembourg, and it will make the choice easier :D


  1. Which online shop is that ?
    xoxo <3

  2. i really love that black snood and also that pair of heeled military boots, they're so nice!:)


  3. Sveika, Kristiana! ;)
    Man ir jautājums: tajā boohoo apaviem izmēri attiecībā pret pēdas garumu ir tādi paši kā new look? Piemēram new look 8 izmērs ir ekvivalents Latvijas 38 izmēram, ar boohoo apaviem ir tāpatās? Es nenošaušu greizi ar savu 38 izmēra pēdu iegādājoties apavus ar 8 izmēru pēc boohoo skalas?
    Thanks in advance ;)

  4. nuu, es nezinu jo neesmu boohoo un new look nekad pirkusi apavus, sorry :/

  5. Ak, neražiņa.Man ir daudz apavu no New Look un tiem visiem ir 8 izmērs (pēc LV skalas manai pēdai ir 38) Ir tā riskanti apavus pasūtīt netā izmēru iespējamās nepiemērotības dēļ.
    Paldies par info un lai Tev jauks šis vakars! :)

  6. Ak, kā nolažojos! :D Patiešām 38=5 uk, es sajaucu ar drēbju izmēru. (blush)

  7. it is so funny to read comments in latvian :D it's almost like reading in lithuanian :D
    btw, I would choose darker jacket ;)

  8. I bought that black parka two weeks ago from New Look. It goes with anything! :D