Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today's outfit

This is what I wore today! Tomorrow I'm not going anywhere, but I will have a photoshoot at my own house with a friend of my mum's who's a make up artist and wants to make her "MUA portfolio" a bit bigger :D
By the way this belt is something I bought in Latvia too, but I forgot to show it. I bought it in Bershka, and it was originally a waist belt but i cut it shorter and made a few more holes to make it high waisted. The nerd glasses I bought had really crap plastic lens so I took it out, and it's much better :D I also bought a 8mm tunnel today. My stretch is 10mm for many years now, but I want to make it a bit smaller, so yeah, I bought the 8mm.


  1. Love this outfit! Simple yet feminine, and gorgeous bag!

  2. LOVELY photos & that top is amazing! ;-)

    I´m now following your blog...

    HUGS from
    A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)

  3. Love your look missy :) you make me miss the summerly weather :(

  4. This outfit looks amazing♥