Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today I went to town with Fred. We watched Salt in cinema, ate, went to some shops and so on. He's leaving on early morning so I'm very sad now.. He's the most amazing guy I know, and we always manage to laugh together all the time. I really hate being without him.. ♥


  1. ahaha, i love the first picture! :D

  2. aww what happened to your finger? :/
    don't worry, you and fred will spend the whooole of 2010 together and 2011 and so on, and then next summer you'll have even better holidays with him! who knows, maybe you'll be allowed to go away just the two of you?! :) don't be too sad, it won't be long until you see him again! xx

  3. awhh thanks :)
    i cut my finger somehow :p

  4. I totally love your rings!

    Lots of love,

  5. oh god, how creepy, i hurt my finger as well, but the right one :O :p