Thursday, September 16, 2010

16th September

I bought this top today. It's from Zara, 15 euro ( normally I never spend so much on one little silly top), but I needed something red for the party, and it was the only nice red thing I could find :D

And of course I couldn't resist some noodles for when I'm gonna feel sad. Yummy!!!

PS. Meanwhile trying to find a red clothing item, I was supposed to show Fred what I want for my birthday, but I dunno.. I told him I want shoes or clothes, but he says it's hard, hehe :) and now I'm wondering.. what do I actually want?xD


  1. Cute! I like tops that are gathered at the bottom. What are you planning on wearing it with?

    Lindsey Soup

  2. buah..
    u should told him that u don't need anything (in a material/financial way) just to be with him at your birthday & for the rest of yours life ;)
    ohh unless material things' re more important for you

  3. Maybe something for your room? Is there something missing? Dunno. But shoes and clothes are too hard to ask from a guy :D