Sunday, September 5, 2010


How did you got together with Fred? When did you meet? We met ages ago in school. I was friends with a lot of people from his class, and when I was in the playground with some friends, all his friends were playing football, but he was standing near the goal and looking at me messing with my friends, hehe. Then we started speaking over msn. We were together for almost 3 months when I was 13, almost 14. In that summer, he was in USA and I was in Latvia. He broke up by email. We had a long long period of being friends/enemies, but we started talking a lot during the last year and then in school he always winked at me and I thought he was really cute, hehe. So yeah, we got together again :)

Tell us something about your the biggest success :) What was it? When it happened? I can never answer this question! Because I've never been in any competition where I got the first place, or haven't been like super successful at anything, haha. But I've had a lot of small successes, which have made me feel very proud. For example, surprisingly good marks in school, or surprisingly good comments from teachers.

As we know everyone has different hierarchy of values. What is the most important for you? Money/friends/family/education or something completely different? And don't say that everything little by little. Choose one and and justify it :)
Hmm. I haven't really thought about it. It's all mixed up in my head, but of course family and all the other people close to me come first. Then comes my well being (like food, and stuff like that), and then of course comes education.

What do you think makes yourself unique from the others? I think that when most people see me, without knowing me, they think that I must be stuck-up and arrogant, and so on. It's "normal" to think that girls who like to care about their appearance "must" be stuck-up. But I'm completely the opposite, I think, and from what I hear from the people close to me. I also think that I'm pretty confusing and sometimes my mind is pretty f***ed up, and I'm thinking about the weirdest things, which normal people wouldn't think about.

Why do you have this blog? is it because its funny or do you want to show the world your lifestyle...?? Why I have it? Because I can't stop blogging! I love it. And having 500 followers gives me a good motivation to continue. Also the nice comments saying I inspire people (never thought it would happen!), and that my blog is their home page and stuff like that, makes me wanna continue blogging. Others like art and singing, I like blogging.

When did you start modeling? How you became a model? I'm not a model, but I guess I can take it as a compliment? :P I'm too short to be a model, I think, and Luxembourg isn't very "active" in modelling. For example, if I lived in Latvia, I'd have a much greater motivation to push modelling further, cause they actually have model schools and good agencies. In Luxembourg they have agencies too, but.. it's kinda "quiet" down there.. But of course I enjoy photoshoots and watching the results is great fun!

Do you think smoking at a young age is "cool" or no big deal? It depends on what you mean for "young age". I don't think smoking is cool at any age, but i treat it as no big deal if the person is legal (age of 16 in Luxembourg). If a smoker is 14 or 15, I tend to laugh or feel sorry. It just looks a bit funny.. And I guess they know what smoking does to you, and they're still doing it, so obviously, they do it just to be "cool". But then they become addicted and can't stop. We can't say they couldn't have known.

Who is your favorite fashion muse?What got you interested in fashion, specifically personal style? Did it just develop over time, or was there an "ah ha!" moment? I don't have any muses.. I think my interest in fashion/style developed gradually. I used to prefer punk/skater and all that, but then I slowly started dressing more feminine. I remember me and Agnija used to make fun of FF's (Fashion Freaks :D). Then one day we decided to meet up and dress as FF's, for fun. I felt sooo embarrassed! But then I slowly started reading girls magazines and it just became a normal thing. In the end I dressed girly/normal, but I still wanted to keep something "hard", so I decided that every day I should have one punkish acessorie or item. :D Then, gradually, I forgot about that rule, and just started wearing what I wanted. I also had some piercings in my ears and my tunnel, and I let those be my daily "punk" acessories, haha. I know it all sounds a bit silly. But I still have earrings and my tunnel, and I don't think I will ever take it out. I think I have finally found myself and my style.

Did blogging change your life? If yes, how? Tell us about your blogging experiences! It did. In positive and negative ways! Positive - it made me more aware of what I'm wearing. Like I already told Kate some days ago: in the mornings when I try to find what to wear, I try to pick items which I haven't worn in a while, so I could make a new outfit post without being too similar, haha. Because of blogging I'm also making more photos and my parents love photography and they often want to look at my pictures. Blogging also makes me want to buy new clothes :D. The negative thing is that blogging is addictive, and sometimes it gets in the way of my school/homework time! But I'm slowly getting better at managing my time.

What made you start blogging? It all started after I found lookbook! There I found lots of inspiring people and noticed that a lot of them had blogs. I started reading all the blogs daily, and eventually decided it's something I could give a try. :)


  1. i love how you answer all the questions in a honest/funny way :)
    that picture makes me feel dizzy, haha, how did you create that kinda effect?:)
    xxx, victoria

  2. i did it on photoscape

    did some weird zoom effect, and then made a gif :) xx

  3. Can you tell me what programm you used for that photo at the start? It's amazing! :) Where did you make the gif?

  4. photoscape :) and you can also make GIFs on it!

  5. your eyes are amazing. the color is nothing special, but i love your eyelashes and the eye shape.

  6. Didn't you smoke yourself when you were 14, 15?