Thursday, September 9, 2010


Some photos Gabriele took of me. Watching ANTM at the moment. Today at German I really embarrassed myself. After not having spoken German for months, it's hard to adapt again. The teacher asked me what I would ask in a letter/e-mail to someone I would like to get to know. So I said "name", obviously. And then I wanted to say "their age", but instead I said something like "viele jahre"... WTF?! :DDD omg. haha. But, I'm not there to show off my German skills, but I'm there to learn it :)


  1. haha I always embarrass myself at german :P german sucks anyway <3

  2. You're so pretty :D & I agree, I'm trying to learn spanish, and I always fumble up!!

  3. i loove the effect on the last photo!
    Is it done on photoshop or? :)

  4. Deutsch ist eine schöne Sprache!
    Wie gehts dir?
    Okay, sorry I'm kidding ;)
    nice pictures!