Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm addicted to your punishment

I've had the worst night ever. I was too sad to sleep, so I tried to distract myself by reading ABC Murders (Agatha Christy), but that didn't work cause a few hours later I felt sad again. I couldn't sleep and now in the morning my eyes look.. weird. Too red and tired, but I hope it will go away until school starts. life is far from perfect.


  1. Wow I can definetly relate to you, sometimes I randomly feel sad but usually it is brought on by depressing shows (like ABC haha)
    dont worry though, the shitty feelings pass and usually the sun will come out again :)

    but I can agree too, many people think my life is perfect and that im always happy, but no one is perfect in reality.

    Love for your blog from Canada :)

  2. I hope that everything's gonna be alright for you, really.
    & You look beautiful, always.

  3. whats wrong kristy?

  4. my night was exactly the same :(

  5. I hope that everything's gonna be alright... Anyway, you're fantastic... really beautiful and sweet!
    This jacket is... WOOOW! <3
    I hope that everything's gonna be alright

  6. What happened to you? :(
    So sorry..
    I cried last night too, so I looked pretty horrible for school today.. But I'm a believer that sooner or later everything will be just fine..

    Sending you million hugs from LV!

  7. Hope that it's not too bad and that you feel better :S

  8. Cool outfit :)
    Great blog, I'm following you!

  9. Kristiana!
    i dont know what happened but dont worry! you will be fine eventually. you cant be sad forever so when you feel happy again, you will be glad the sadness has gone away and will enjoy more the little things that make you happy!! :)

  10. yeahh it's camden shop on the pic..:)and thanks,I'm thinking of buying it..but it's a bit borken :S looking for a hat like that :( like a new one <3

  11. you look awesome!