Monday, September 13, 2010


Morning! It's Monday morning and I'm feeling deeeead. But! I've done all my homework and prepared everything for school. It's not something I usually do, so I'm very proud of myself. This is what I'm wearing today. My family is getting ready so I couldn't ask anyone to take pictures :P I wanted to sell this belt, cause I never wore it and it seemed too wide for me. So I uploaded the picture on facebook and wanted to write the info about it, but I didn't know for how much to sell it for, since it's real leather and not used that much. So I went to the ASOS site to find this belt and see how much I bought it for (26 pounds actually). Then on the picture, I saw how they put it. And turns out I've been using it the wrong way all the time! So this is the real way to tie it. Haha. I should have looked earlier. Now I loove it! Have a nice school/work/whatever day xx


  1. the bekt actually looks realls good. i like it a lot especially paired with the shirt =)
    great outfit!!

    would be very interessted wether youd like my new post(outfit) whenever you have some free time...come check it out ;)

    xx, m.

  2. looks great :)
    oh and I made a new blog (yes..again haha)
    wanna follow me? :)

  3. I do love that belt I would have bought it if it had been on sale ^^

  4. nice pictures!
    Which canon is your camera?

  5. love the belt, don't sell it!

  6. At what time do your lessons start? I know, it's very random question... :D