Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's outfit

As promised! I'm home now, with lots of homework, just watched 90210 (i prefer it from all the TV shows), and I'm drinking milk. I have nothing interesting to tell you about, so I'll just write some boring news and stuff like that.
Tomorrow I'll go and buy this jacket(another birthday present from parents). Today I bought a blazer from Nora. I feel upset at my camera again. It sucks. I took pictures of Gabriele and they're fantastic quality, but somehow always the ones that are taken of me on my camera are always bad quality! Yeah, that's all, some random "news" :D xx


  1. Oh, I absolutely love your outfit.
    Especially bows on overkness ;-)


  2. I'm in love with that skirt. I want it in my closet, now!

  3. If you mean these photos are bad, then let me assure you, they're totally not! Love your outfit!

  4. Can I just ask you?
    Where did you buy these overkness? =)