Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boring day

(top - bershka, jeans - mango)
Hey people. Today was nothing special. Basically the day's events in order: i go to school, have philosophy, go to auchan, buy candy, go to gym @ la coque, my class sees that the teacher isn't there so we all go, therefore i have two free periods, then me and amalie try the "how damaged your lungs are" test and my result was 1 (the lowest is 1, and the higher it goes, the more damaged your lungs are, for example someone i know got 28 ;O), then we spend the rest of the time lying on the couches in 6th/7th year room, then i have german, then back to 6th/7th year room again, then french and then double latvian where i was reading stories about young girls marrying older men for the money ;D. Now I'm home and will watch ANTM newest episode here (click). xo


  1. where did you do the ''how damaged your lungs are'' test :P?
    love those pics btw <3

  2. Which language do you speak at school ?
    Do you never speak luxemburgish ?

  3. wow many lessons a day can you please show us your time table would love to see how many lessons a day and how long the lessons last

  4. tev māca arī latviešu valodu? ;o

  5. Ha, man radās tāds pats jautājums par latviešu valodas nodarbībām. Kas tā par skolu un kādā programmā tu mācies?