Monday, October 4, 2010

Gabriele answers questions

What's the most annoying thing about Kristiana?
She doesn’t annoy me :) yet :D

Is Kristiana funny? What kind of jokes does she make (if she does)?
Yea, she often quote funny jokes from FML or just funny experience from her life :)

When did you and Kristiana become best friends? Did it just happened or some event/adventure made you that close?
It just happened :D

Do you ever get tired of Kristiana?
Nooope :)

What's your favourite thing to do together?
Hmm, take photos, I guess? :D We like to go to the park, sit in the sun and just chill :)

What are the good sides and the bad sides of Kristiana?
Good – She’s really understanding and I know that I can always ask her for advice :) Bad – She wants to go to Auchan wayyy to much x)

What has been the stupidest or biggest fight you two were in?
We’ve never been in one :)

What do you think of her blog and do you read it regularly?
I think it’s really good that she has particular area that she’s interested in and found what she likes to do :) I couldn’t say regularly, but yeah, I do :D

Are there some things on her blog that you don’t know?
I think not :)

Does Kristiana snore, walk or talk in her sleep?
Just tried to imagine her doing that xD ahahha! Nope, don’t think so :)

Does she often lend you clothes?
Naah, but neither do I x)

Does she burp and stuff like that in front of you?
Actually yeah :D

Is she smart? Like does she get good marks and stuff?
Yes :)

Can you tell us a top 3 of what she talks the most to you? like 1st place: shopping, 2nd place: .. (example)
1st Fred is sooo cute, 2nd Fred is sooo sweet and 3rd Fred is sooo hot. :) hehe. We talk about loads of stuff :)

Why are you both so thin? :) i envy you
Cheps x)

How often do you phone each other?
Not too often, not too rarely :)


  1. Answered your question in a post! :)

  2. Yeah of course! :b I'm mostly selling not all that nice clothes but veryvery cheap,
    (and not only mine but also a lot of my mom's/brothers)

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