Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little red riding hood

This was my outfit today. Now I'm home, super tired, want some good food and to relax. Math test tomorrow but I pretty much know everything. I really hope I can go to Latvia for a few days during the Halloween holidays cause then I will have a VIP pass for Riga Fashion Week. But it's really last moment, so I'm not sure if my dad will find anything.


  1. i looooove your jacket. where's it from?

  2. one word: STUNNING!

  3. Yep look stunning!
    Like so much of all this photos!

  4. hehe cool, I don't remember my size either :p
    well, last time I went to LOFT, they had like 5 pairs of cheap mondays left, but maybe they're sold out then?
    I heard there's a shop called "Extrabold" where you can get them.. I think it's in gare! :)

  5. Hi !

    Can you precise where's all your clothes on this pic from ? ( and your bag too )
    Pleaseeee :-)

    I follow you since ur first blog !

  6. It would be so nice from you ! :)
    I really love your hairs in this post , you should do this more often ( even if I also like the "normal" way )

  7. Cute outfit, it'd be super cool if you can attend Riga Fashion Week!