Friday, October 29, 2010

Lunch photos

(photos taken at school today)
Heyhey! Now holidays have finally started, I am almost broke and so many of my friends are away. And I can't stop missing Freddy, although I haven't seen him for only one day.
On a different note, can you tell me what good shops there are in Trier center? I haven't been in the center part since last year November, so I guess there's some new shops. I'm probably going there tomorrow. xo


  1. They've got a huge H&M, with loads of the new products. And they've got 2 big malls where there're loads of small funny shops. :)

  2. Pretty girls :*

  3. OMG you are so lucky to go in Trier , since I saw your last post about the acne boots , I totally fall in love with the Bianco's one !! I want them so badly !!

  4. Nice pictures!
    I love your style and blog