Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is the first thing I bought yesterday. A superduper warm (!!!) winter coat from Zara! I'm not usually one to run after trends and wear the latest things, but this coat is really in cause of the camel and shearling. It took me ages to find a winter coat, that looks nice and is warm. Yesterday me and my mum found quite a lot of potential winter coats, but they were sall in a khaki color, and I already have two coats like that, so I wanted something different. I wasn't even thinking of buying a camel coat, cause all the ones I've seen so far were to the knees, which I think is only nice with high heels, which I don't wear on a daily basis. Then I saw this, and kinda fell in love. When I tried it on, it fit me perfectly. And!! it has big pockets, which is really important to me cause I'm always putting my hands in my pockets :D score!


  1. Beautiful. Looks so nice and warm!

  2. Very beautiful !
    I seriously need a coat like that.

  3. ABsolutely perfect! I love the color, these details... and it looks so warm!
    Can't wait to see it on you :)

  4. Looooooove it:))))))))


  5. this is totally awesome! i've been looking for a similar one for quite a while now :)

  6. Beautiful!
    Whats the name of the jacket?
    I can't find it on the internet ):

  7. Right now is summer down here in Brazil, but I'll need that coat in January when I travel to the US =) Love Zara..they always have awesome taste =)