Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've had this song on repeat for like a thousand times today. Okay, actually like 20, but still.


  1. iiiiiiik!
    The original is sooo much better!
    Shame on you ;)

  2. I'm sorry but just cause you think that, doesnt make it a fact. Personally i, by far, prefer the pendulum version. Shame on YOU for not respecting personal opinions.

  3. Sorry, Kristiana, but it was her opinion too. so she/he is not respecting other opinions as you do :)

    I prefer the original. it has some special tastle, but also pendulum version has. it just the original tastes better :)

  4. nonono, she was shaming me for my taste ;D that's not telling her opinion, it's totally different! you don't shame people for their taste, instead you respect it :D i respect yours and the anon's taste, i don't shame you for it :DDDD

  5. kā sauc dziesmu?

  6. I wasn't shaming you for your taste :D Just for this song. I'm sooo in love with Coldplay!
    First 2 sentences were my opinion (iiiik is a sentence too :D), But the "shame on you" part was like a tease. That's why I put the ";)", but you still got it all wrong.
    If I didn't like your taste, I wouldn't read your blog ;)
    Ease up a bit, pumpkin!


  7. You look amazing on this picture :)