Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hey! I finally received these boots from (for those who didn't read it before, I accidentally ordered them twice). I already have these boots and they're really comfortable! You can see me wearing them here and here! I bought them for 35 pounds, which, converted into euros is 40 euros and that's exactly how much I'm selling them for, cause they've never been worn, I haven't even tried these on :P. The size is UK 6/europe 39. I think I should only sell it to someone in Luxembourg, because the shipping costs, and you can buy them on right now too!

So basic info > size: 39, price 40 euro. Heel height: 10.5 cm, platform height is 1.5, so basically the heel is 9 cm! E-mail me if interested. First come, first served!


  1. gorgeus! where do you sell them? :)

  2. :) on my blog (obviously). E-mail if interested

  3. Are they true to size? I would love to buy them but I'm a 9 and 8.5 is usually tight on me.