Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey y'all. I'm mobile blogging again because when I'll get home today, I'll only have half an hour to get ready to go and meet my boyfriend and later go to Train
concert! Did i tell you i only know one song from them? I'm on the guest list and yep, I've known it for months and haven't taken the time to check out more of their songs, shame on me! Anyway!!! I received my shoes today, the ones I ordered two weeks ago from USA. I took bad quality iphone pics, tried to sharpen them and stuff, but well, better than nothing ;-) have a great friday, everyone ♥


  1. The shoes look amazing, which website are they from?

  2. I love the 1st shoes, but it's stupid to order from the USA.
    I hate the secon shoes, because they are stupid

  3. that was a really stupid comment. first of all, it's not stupid to order from USA, i order from wherever I find something, and it's my own business, and i definitely didn't feel stupid while doing it, and well..the second shoes are hotttttttttttt