Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's outfit

(coat - jennyfer, bag -, boots -, snood - H&M)
I really really liked my outfit today! I don't feel like this every day :D these boots are beyond comfortable, not what I had expected, but of course it's a good thing! I got an 8.5 in my history test and more or less the same (i don't remember whether it was 8.2 or 8.4 or what ?!) for geography. Feel good about it! Now I'm gonna watch AUSNTM cycle 4 and will just relax for a while :) xx


  1. Your shoes are gorgeous, seriously !

  2. those shoes are great! i bought a similar pair at h&m. they're so confy

  3. Really like your blog!!

    Hope you'll come to visit mine:

  4. very cute from head to toe i really like it too!

    Vi from Cali

  5. Really like the coat! How much did it cost? Doesn't at all look like Jennyfer. & fits you perfectly!

  6. I REALLY LOVE THIS OUTFIT (L) even though it is little bit too much dark. but still!

    and you look amazing girl!