Friday, October 22, 2010

Today's outfit

(faux fur scarf/snood thing - asos, coat, jennyfer)
Had a few seconds to take some outfit pics today with my iphone, hence the bad quality! I'm back from the cinema, and relaxing. I think The Social Network was a cool movie, really interesting, and you should all go and see it. Oh, did I tell you about my math test? I'm so pissed off cause I got 8.4/10, and I got everything right, but I somehow didn't do one question (I didn't was struggling with time, and I mixed up two questions, which resulted me in not even answering one of them for some reason..) and that's why i didn't get a 10, like I thought I would. F***! I'm basically bothering everyone with this the whole day, haha, but I mean I was so close, but yeah, something always goes wrong! Now I will watch Desperate Housewives, then think of what to do tomorrow (anyone wanna meet?), and then sleep. xox


  1. have you lost weight?you look thinner....

  2. haha, unfortunately no! i've only gained some weight recently. luckily my legs look the same as before, for now, but my stomach isn't as flat anymore :D