Saturday, October 30, 2010

" You need to be rich to have a good blog and style"

This is a really popular stereotype, to which I don't agree at all. I've read comments like "you're only so famous/successful cause you're rich and can afford to buy new clothes every day" on maaaaaaany blogs. You don't need to buy new clothes every day, go on vacations all the time or fashion shows to have a good blog.

To have a good blog you need:
- Good/interesting pictures
- Good style
- Good layout
- Interesting text
- To be original/different

I'll take you through one step at a time.

Of course a professional camera helps, to get good pictures. But it's not the key! There's so many cheap and digital cameras that you can get nowadays with pretty good quality. And you can just download any image editing program for free, to improve the pictures. To have interesting pictures, you don't need any money at all, simply a camera, inspiration and creativity.

Many say that you can only have a good style when you're rich and can afford all the coolest clothes. WHAAAT?! There's so many fashion-forward people who often shop in vintage and second hand shops. Some combine cheap and expensive. Some people, like me, mostly shop at sales. If I have 100 € in my pocket, I prefer spending it on 10 things, rather than 1. That's how I get more clothes. And of course, I don't buy the cheapest and most bad quality things, I often find really good quality clothes that have been reduced from 50€ to, say, 10€. To have a good style you need creativity, originality, and YOUR OWN STYLE which will inspire people. NOT LOTS OF MONEY!!! Here's some tihngs that are on sale @ New Look, and don't cost so much:

Good layout is necessary, to make the blog readable and appealing to the eye. You don't need to be rich to have that. Of course some people employ a layout designer to do the job for them, but it's not necessary. I do my layout myself, because I understand HTML, after years of experience. But Blogger has a template designer, a place where you can easily change your blog design, simply by choosing colors, and all that!

Interesting text definitely doesn't require any money. All it requires is something that people will enjoy reading. Simple as that. Also being original doesn't require anything. Be it your haircut, or your "signature pants" or whatever, just anything that people will remember you of.

In conclusion, to have a good blog, you don't need to be rich, but you need to have a cool personality! Ideas, creativity, funny text, and so on!


Another ridiculous stereotype is "she's only popular because she's skinny/pretty". I won't even go into explaining why that's wrong. I can just tell you that a skinny/pretty girl can be very insecure and shy and wear all the wrong and ugly clothes on her body, whereas an overweight/ugly girl can be confident, outgoing, fun, and wear the nicest and best clothes for her body & totally outshine the skinny/pretty girl. Get it?


  1. Now that's bullshit! It's so unfair what people say to you. A rich person can have money, but if she doesn't know what to buy, how to combine the things she bought and have a style; she can never be a good blogger. Being rich may be a benefit, but not the only reason u have such a great blog. They are just jealous, don't even bother :)

  2. I TOTALLY agree with this.

  3. Merve - I don't think anyone has said the "rich" thing to me, but I've seen it on other blogs and it angered me that people are so .. dumb?

    you're totally right. being rich doesn't mean you can find the right clothes to combine :)

  4. oh, and i'm not rich, just so you know :D ! i just know how to spend money, kiiinda :p

  5. I totally agree with you! (3)
    For exemplo, there are so many famous people, they have muuuuch money but they do't know how do wear themselves.


  6. I think you're totally right! And I actually find it much more amusing to see people with a lower income dress beautifully because it shows a much stronger personality and creativity. It shows that they can create something pretty out of almost nothing :-)

  7. You said it all !!!

    We just need to be rich in terms of personality!

    And..some skinny girls really scare me -.-

    you have such a great blog! love it even more after reading this post :)

  8. I totally agree with "NLR" ;)

  9. I´m a 100& agree with you!!!
    P.S. I love your style(:

    at: Roberta from monterrey, mexico!!

  10. The BEST blog I've read for ages! :))

  11. I agree! And I prefer bloggers who combine clothes that aren't expensiv e because how NLR said it shows personality and creativity and if you like one thing you can buy it, too.

  12. I absolutely agree!
    haha, I guess your trademark would be the bow in your hair..
    I love your blog, you've just got yourself a new follower!