Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black boots

(bianco boots, gojane wedges, mango peeptoe wedges)
I took this photo with the intention of making a whole post about all my shoes, like so many of you have asked me to. The lightning was so bad in my room, that I took around 20 photos of these three pairs and already got tired. I realised that half of my shoes are in boxes somewhere, and I was too lazy to take them all out, too. But I promise I'll do it (!!) one time! Anyway, before you ask me why my shoes are a bit dirty, it's cause they're often lying around on the floor in my room :D


  1. I like the second pair!

    lots of love, lisette

  2. loving the third pair :)
    check out my blog if you want to, it's not much, but it's a start :)

    xx sloy

  3. I love the sond, but the 2 and 2d are the same. Why buy them?

  4. kind of funny: why my shoes are a bit dirty? because they're often lying on the floor in my room. bwahaha. i assume you have a pretty muddy floor there missy!