Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brown coat

(coat - Zara, bow - Clare's)
Hey! This is what I wore today. My beloved coat. The quality of the pics sucks but somehow often when my sis takes pictures, they become a bit blurry.. *hint* :D Today me and Fred have been together for 1 year! He gave me a desert rose (I think that was the name). Right now it's in a big water bowl and I'm waiting to see what it happens. But I also gotta do a lot of school stuff today, that I didn't have time before (finish ICT presentation - by the way, do you want me to show it to you when it's done :D? then I have to also write an essay for english and my opinion on what caused world war 1 for history). Cheers.


  1. That coat is just wonderful and I love the bow in your hair!



  2. aren't you cold with those ballerinas? also looks kinda strange, you're wearing a super-warm coat and summer shoes...just wondering :)

  3. nope, my feet are almost never cold, luckily :)

  4. Great coat. you have such an amazing figure and great style :)