Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet my dogs

I know this might be the most random post you have ever seen on my blog. But today I took some pics of my dogs while they were in the living room and thought I could tell you a little bit about them, because they're actually, believe it or not, a big part of my life!
The one on the left, is a girl called Kenta (her real name is Chentyt, the first owner gave it to her). She's a Pharaoh Hound, which are one of the fastest dogs in the world. When we let her in the garden and she goes crazy, she just runs around making "8's" in the garden in like.. a few seconds.. She's a really nervous and control-freaky dog, for some reason. Normally she doesn't sleep/sit with her arms so wide, but here she was trying to protect the bone or whatever it is from my other dog, and I just caught a moment when she was still :D.
The little fatty on the right is my white boxer, which is a really rare breed, apparently (not the boxer part, but the white part :D). He's only about one year old and his name is Edriks. I guess in english, you'd say Edryk or something. He's really naughty, and always up for some cuddling. If I'll sit on the floor next to him, he will try to get on top of me and try to "kiss" me with his big mouth.. not so pleasant, haha. He still acts like a little kid, and it's really easy to fool him. For example, when I'm sitting next to him in the living room, I will whistle and he will think the whistling sound is coming from the kitchen, so he'll immediately run there :D. He's also super-duper lazy. While Kenta is always running around and trying to get some of our food, Edriks just lies down in his bed and snores (yep, that's right).
I really really love my retarded, but cute dogs ♥


  1. Your dogs are so adorable! :)

  2. I'm in love <3 they are adorable!!

  3. Cute :)
    And why random post? Your blog's about you + your life, and your dogs are a part of your life ;)

    But didn't you once have another dog? What happend to him/her?

  4. Love this post! :)