Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My ring collection

When I asked you in a post about what kinds of things you wanted me to photograph, one of them was my ring collection. Not that I could call it a collection, since I don't have that many, compared to many other bloggers. Anyway, here you go:
My rose rings, all from New Look

The owl ring is from H&M (obviously, if you look at the scratched off color ..), and the one on the right is a silver ring from my grandma.

The left one I got from Bik Bok, and I tried to squeeze it smaller, but broke it. Fred said I can glue it back, and I thought it's a good idea, but I haven't somehow got to it yet. The one on the right is from ASOS, also bad quality, cause the color's coming off.

The left one is from some little jewellery shop in Morocco, it's not real silver or anything, my mum just thought I'd like it. Two of the glass balls have fallen off, but I still wear it like this sometimes, heh. The middle one is from H&M, the "silver" color is coming off, of course. The one on the right is from SIX, I bought it on sale last week.

All H&M, I think.

The left one is from Morocco, hand made, and silver. The two others are H&M, of course.


  1. For me this is a big collection - ok,maybe not so big for you, but its big for me - collection :)


  2. your ring collection is gorgeous! i'm especially loving the broken one, get it fixed! haha

  3. Love it!! <3


  4. You know what you should do to prevent the silver colour coming off? Paint them with nailpolish (base coat or top coat-doesn't matter), but you have to do it right after you buy them or before the silver starts coming off. By doing this your rings look fresh and new and like real silver plus you don't get that "metal smell" any more. You need to re-polish it after some time because the polish won't stay on forever. I do this to all of my rings and on the first painting I usually use two coats of polish. Long comment, but I hope it helps you in the future:)