Monday, November 29, 2010


Look what Naketano (click here to visit) sent me! Since I wasn't home when the package arrived, today I was in for a little adventure. I've never been to that post office before. When I saw the address, I looked it up in my maps app on my iPhone and it guided me there. Was a long long walk in the snow. In the end I got to this big factory place where there were lots of trucks and I was the only one who wasn't dressed in some kinda working clothes there, and I couldn't figure out where the post office is, so I put on my glasses, walked around until I found it. Then, I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to go in, because it didn't look like a place for people to go and pick up their packages, so I was walking in circles outside the post office place, wondering what to do, and all the people sitting inside were looking, haha. In the end, I decided I'll just open the door and walk in, even if it would be a private office for the post office, they could at least lead me further. But, fortunately, it turned out to be the place for picking up packages. Well, I'm proud of myself, haha, and at least I know the iPhone maps app really works.
Anyway, back to the clothes. I really like this sweater and top, the size is also perfect, and they're both something I've been meaning to buy (since I have almost no sweaters and tops), so this was really good timing! Will show you better pictures when I will wear them.
Now I will eat my pasta and spend the rest of the day studying for my Biology exam, which is gonna be so hard. I will try not to check any mails or my formspring!

PS. I got my first 10/10 this year in school - in maths, yup :D


  1. I'm sooo jealous of your maths :O

  2. Congrats! Hahaha, unlucky you about that post office! ;D

    But I love the black shirt - the colours. Would like it more if it wouldent have Naketano written