Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(cardigan - vintage, t-shirt - bik bok, jeans - cheap monday)
And my acne pistol lookalike boots! This is what I wore today. Sorry for the bad updates. School, you know. I come back every day at 5 or later, and am feeling super tired, don't know what to post and so on. Will maybe make a "favourite clothes" post in a few days, it has been actively requested.
Oh and about my photoshoot photos. Received some comments saying my face looks photoshoped. Well say it to the one responsible, not me, you know. And, secondly, I know the dress hanger thing is out, and I honestly don't care anymore, I still like the shoot, and next time I'll just be more careful :)


  1. wow Kristy!! I love that jacket and t-shirt combi!

  2. I'm found of you Kristina, I really love your blog ! This is my favourite blog :)


    Mel, your fan !

  3. BEAUTIFUL cardigan, Kristy!

  4. your cardigan is just insane! i love it!