Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's outfit

(coat - Zara, boots - boohoo.com, jumper - camden shop, belt - bershka, skirt - H&M)
Hey. This is what I wore today. I had to pixel out my face on the first picture because i look (read: am) super tired! Stayed up till 1 am yesterday, because I couldn't sleep. You can't imagine in how many lessons I fell asleep today.. oh, well. I got my sociology test back, got a 9. Bought a present for my brother's birthday, and also for Gabriele's birthday. Liiiiike.. 8-9 more presents to go, buhuu.. Now I'm gonna choose some clothes to be delivered at my doorstep, always fun! ♥


  1. Oo! Lovely outfit! I like it! Good for you! have fun. :)

  2. I can't describe how much i LOVE/adore this outfit! Honestly, it's not often when i just stay staring straight at the beauty! <3
    Realy REALLY love the jumper most !
    Keep posting! x

  3. Awesome outfit, as usual !
    I love the top, the boots & the skirt !
    I hope that you'll have a good night, tonight ='S.

  4. that is one super cool jumper.. love it!!

    And the vibe of your blog too!!

    I'm quite new to blogging, hopefully you can check mine out..