Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is probably the biggest photobomb I've ever thrown in my blog. But my update hasn't been that good, so I hope this will compensate it :D. Since there's so many photos, after reading this text, I advise you to refresh your page, cause they might not all load in the first time, and you won't even notice it, since I don't put captions under each photo.

This was last week.

My wedges. See how the color is coming off?

Yesterday, hah.

Me by Lynn

Haha, trying to burn marshmellows in school at lunch, and eating all kinds of stuff.

Sorry for the short descriptions, but I really have to run now. :D


  1. loved the photobomb!
    I'll try do it with marshmellows too.
    have a good week :)

  2. I loved this photo bomb! Amazing! I love the 1st photo! :)

  3. I just love the photo with you in the photoshoot!

  4. WOW! :P :P :P Thanks for sharing!
    It's nice to see you have fun at school! aww I really want 2 visit your country to see and touch snow :P I'd love to back to high school >"< but my school doesn't beautiful like most western schools >.>

  5. Wow that picture of you by Lynn.... BEAUTIFUL! That has to be my favourite picture of you, ever. Stunning :) Love your photobombs!

  6. Your school is so cool :D I wish in Croatia we have something like that, but that is just in private schools :/
    You are so sweet and your black hat is very cool hehe!
    Do you have maybe fan page on facebook? :)
    On facebook I can only find your profile (I know that is just for personal friends) but can't find fan page.
    Kisses :*

  7. love your pictures!
    especially the one with you in the pink dress :)

  8. ...and you weren't even a little bit cold in the converse shoes? thinking about trying mine in the snow too, but i am afraid i'd freeze :)

  9. Excellent winter photo with the trees and hedges.


  10. you and Gabriele always remind me Serena and Blair)
    you both are 2 cute)

  11. Most of the photos here are boring and useless?

  12. you remind me soooo much of Vivien Bauernschmidt! gorgeous :)

  13. gabriele's eyes looke like leighton meester's ones, very pretty :)
    lovely photos