Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RECAP: April

I was getting ready for a spontaneous photoshoot, so I just quickly threw all the clothes and shoes in this bag. It was really practical that day! I had also bought RAF tickets. I'm actually gonna buy my next year's RAF ticket soon.

Spent lots and lots of time with my lovely boyfriend and my friends in park and stuff.

My visitor number was increasing, and I was proud! Now I have almost twice as many visitors. Thanks to all of them! Don't forget to enter my giveaway(click), it ends tonight at 00:00 GMT +1.

Okay..what the hell was I thinking? Way. Too. Much.

Some of my April outfits. My favourite is the third one! What about you?


  1. my favorite is the fourth one :)

  2. love this post it has some of my faves in it... and i remember the curly hair posts i liked it

    Vi from Cali

  3. i love love love your second an 4th outfit an your hair on the first ''outfit'' picture !

  4. i LOVE the third one! it reminds me of lady gaga ;)


  5. I like the second one and the last one;) and on the first picture...you look so skinny:O but it is cool and I like skinny people;) you are beautiful!

  6. Īsti nesapatu - Tev nepatika tie lokainie mati, kad izpini bizes, vai kā?
    Man šausmīgi patīk šādi mati, un Tev tādi, manuprāt, ļoti labi piestāv.♥
    Un riktīga forša tā bilde, kur esi kopā ar Frederiku.♥
    Un tur, kur ir kopā saliktas tās trīs bildes no "photoshoot", vislabāk man patīk vidējā. Es tajā bildē, var teikt, esmu iemīlējusies.
    Tu esi vienkārši neaprakstāmi skaista meitene.

  7. Ā, un ak jā - visvairāk man patīk 4. outfits, jo tur, šķiet, Tev ir tādi paši lokaini mati.♥

  8. I love these recaps! :)
    They are great fun to watch/read.
    + They are good for your readers who just started reading your blog only a couple of months ago. :)