Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Me and Gabriele tried to run, and we did it for around half an hour, I think that's a lot for a first time! But then again, that was the first and only time we ran.. buhuuu

We made a lot of photoshoots in some beautiful locations in Luxembourg

Went to RAF festival, it was sooo hot that day, but the bands were great, especially PRODIGY ♥ ♥ Oh and I pixelled Fred's face, because I remember he didn't like the photo, but it's one of the very few photos I took that day =p

Two photos of myself that I actually really like!

Some of the things I wore during June. Although the 5th photo is from May, but I forgot to put it in the May recap :) My favourite is the last one!

Had a shoot with the girls for Amalie's mum's make up salon's booklet. It was great fun. And the other photo is me just trying out really bold eyebrows. I really like it, but would be annoying to do it every day. And what if I accidentally touch it and then have brown all over my face ? :D

Some "action" pics

And some idiot burnt my jacket with their cigarette on a night out >:( but my mum fixed it, HA! >:D


  1. I've Loved your idea of recap on each month of this year.
    And, btw. Have I Happy New Year ;*

  2. "Outfitu" bildē man visvairāk patīk 4. "outfit".♥
    Un nākamajā bildē, kur ir arī Keita, man riktīgi patīk, kā izskaties.

  3. I love these recaps! :)
    They are great fun to watch/read.
    + They are good for your readers who just started reading your blog only a couple of months ago. :)

  4. these recaps are great :)
    and wonderful pictures xx