Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RECAP: March

Spend lots and lots of time with Freddy ♥, and friends! The weather got warm, so we spend lots of lunch times outside chilling in the grass. Me, Jonas, Gabriele and Maria also made the most amazing brownies! Since then I've tried to recreate them but failed :(

Some webcam photos that I like! The stripe dress is Gabriele's, wish I could keep it :D

Some of my March outfits. Really simple!


  1. you look really pretty and happy in the outfit posts :) would be nice if you could do another je voudrais post :)

  2. those pics are so cute :) I want those brownies you made with your friends :O and you hair was really longer there!<3

  3. I love these recaps! :)
    They are great fun to watch/read.
    + They are good for your readers who just started reading your blog only a couple of months ago. :)