Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Outfit

(jacket - bershka, bag - modekungen, hoodie - my boyfriend's :), jeans - zara, boots - bianco)
Today's outfit. Was nice in town. Drank 3 hot chocolates (7.50 euro poorer now), feeling so guilty, cause I can just make them at home. :P Oh well! At least I finally bought a new bath robe, which is all furry, cause I'm always so cold in my room and everywhere.


  1. Ahw, I am in love w/ your bag, seriously *-*.
    & Your shoes are awesome. Love your scarf too !

  2. You should feel guilty!! Why buy it when you can make it at home, and why was it so expensive!? Please take picture of the robe! :D

  3. is your leather jacket and hoodie warm for the winter?

    i'm too scared to wear that w/o a large overcoat b/c i don't want to get sick but i see you've been doing it alot. is it warm enough?

  4. Oh!! I like every single things >"<!!
    Really like you blog Kristiana!!! :D

  5. What a cozy-looking scarf. I'm slightly jealous that I'm not wearing it right now. Ha!

    Lindsey Soup

  6. I love jeans from Zara. You have really awesome bag.