Thursday, December 9, 2010


Many people keep asking me what I want for Christmas.. I haven't really thought about it, actually. Now I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that there's really many things that I would actually want :D This is for those who been asking and maybe now you'll have some ideas :

Perfume: Alien by Thierry Mugler, The One by D&G, Million by Paco Rabane (my three faves)

Winter knitted hat. I already have a black one but I think these colors look much better with my blond hair. And I'm loving the Topshop hat on the left, cause of that ball thing, so cool :D

Leopard coats, mmmm ♥

High waisted shorts ♥

Navy coat! LOVELOVELOVE♥ My current Mango one which I love to bits is getting too short.. Maybe sell? hmm...

Biker boots + brown + faux fur = perfect!
Party dresses for New Years partying!

New school bag



Topshop cardigans

Faux fur coats (I actually don't like the one on the right, but it was hard to find a picture). The left one is puuuurrrrrrfect.


  1. I love Alien by Thierry Mugler! I use it now since 3 years! It´s absolutly the best Parfume i´ve ever had!
    I really love your blog! =)

  2. Oh,where are the sweaters from??? They are so cute ♥ Especially the white one on the right!!!!

  3. lovely post :) it looks like you've used so much time on it!

  4. I just need that bag at right!!
    where did you find that?

  5. great post :) very close to some things on my wishlist but different perfumes and a slightly different style of blazer. there's one from topshop and it's like that black one in the middle but it has crunched up sleeeves (maybe 3/4) and pink inside. my friend has it and the cut is amazing. really perfect length and so on :)

  6. That " problem " with LesJumelles sucks. I didn't receive any email, I check everyday for an email of them but nothing. It's too bad ... ='|.
    BTW thank you so much for being so kind with me Kristiana ♥.

  7. I love the dresses & the blazers *-*.
    I also need so many things for X-Mas!

  8. I love all of the things! :)
    I would definitely would want to have them, too
    and the hat with that ball thing is really cool! :D

  9. >"< I still love the black dress and hats T_T I hope you can have them all !!!! >:D< Best wishes!!!! Awesome choices!!!!

  10. where is the bag on the left from? :o

  11. could you tell me in which shop can i find these fabulous boots?