Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'd love to have this gray parka from Miss Selfridge! Never thought I'd like these kinda jackets but now I do! I think this one would look great with skinny jeans and tough boots on a heel.


Me and my boyfriend :D Love you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is what I look like when I'm on the computer

Paparazzi picture made by my brother :D

**** *****

Happy every day with you !

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Everything from H&M of course! I'd love to have those wedges, seriously. Perfect for summer! But they're not in Lux H&M yet, can anyone please tell me when you see them?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's in my make up bag?

Body shop body butter, Nivea face cream, Nivea foundation (although I have like 3 other ones), Bourjois powder, Urban Decay eyeshadow and mascara, Rimmel nail vanish, the green thing is this !

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dirty mirror, iPhone picture quality and ripped jeans with fishnet tights underneath.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Surely, you know the famous Alexander Wang studded bag? And you remember the shop I helped, Queen's Wardrobe? Well, today I looked through their site, to see what's new, and I saw that they had made a reeeeeally similar bag like Wang did. I think it looks good. It costs $ 115, when the real thing is near a thousand. I think the real one looks a little better, but Queen Wardrobe's version is really nice too! What do you think? Needless to add - would desperately looooooooooooooooove to own one of these, it would be a dream come true ♥


Queen's Wardrobe,
you can buy here, although it's sold out at the moment :-D

What's your number

I decided my 6th & 7th year choices! I took 3h Math. My options will be French and German, and my complimentary subjects will be Informatics and Introduction to Economics. I can't believe I was so confused before! Still don't know anything about what future job I'd like to get.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I disabled the anonymous option on comments. That doesn't mean I'm giving them victory, after all I'm quite used to jealous people, or people who are just bored and want to make themselves feel better by telling others that they look bad and so on. I just find it pretty weird to have no-name people telling me what I am, what I'm doing wrong and what I think I am etc. In other words, pretending that they know everything about me, when they haven't got a clue.I really feel sorry for them, that they haven't got anything better to do than read my blog and write bad comments. They tell me my face/hair/clothes are ugly (for example), so then I should say 'Oh, why don't You come and show me how nice YOUR clothes etc are? But oh wait, you can't because you are too much of a coward to reveal yourself. If I'm putting myself out here, writing about my life and posting pictures, I think it's only fair that I know who comments. From now on, only registered people can comment. Of course registered people can be haters too, but at least they are not cowards. If you REALLY got to tell me something, and you don't have a blog/profile etc, then email me or facebook me or do it face2face. All negative words are okay if I know who they come from. Own up to what you say.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday night

What I want right here, right now : money, shopping, candy, 100s of new Desperate Housewives episodes, and my boyfriend. life sucks

My dog

Extraordinary, of me, to write about animals, but I just couldn't resist. I think my dog Edriks is the cutest dog I've ever seen/known. He's only half a year old, and is so immature and always accidentally fails in some funny way! Whenever I take pictures of him, they end up looking really cute and funny, like these two.. in the second one he is yawning, not screaming by the way. He's like a big soft ball, and he just lies down and starts sleeping in random places, and he does the most random things! Love you!

No point

Just came home. Went to watch The Rebound with my boyfriend. Last night I was already home at 12, and fell asleep quite soon after that.. Right now I'm waiting for my lasagna, of course a ready-made one, which I gotta keep in the oven for 30 minutes! That would be an update of my life, since the last time I posted :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010


Just came home! Gonna make some pasta, my almost daily food, and watch some CSI. Later I'll go out.. I actually don't feel like partying tonight, but I gotta go to this birthday thing, I promised my friend. Will also meet my boyfriend before that <3 I just don't know what to wear. Was hoping to wear black heels, black tights, my new dress and a leather jacket but at -5 degrees celsius and in snow? No thanks. I'm scared to wear heels tonight, in case I slip on the ice and break my leg. That means I need some going out winter shoes. Some boots on a heel.. Gosh, I always find excuses for new shoes.

PS. wearing a furry collar from Promod, it was 15 euro!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Someone asked me to do this, and I'm quite bored, so why not :D
What do you prefer? (bold ones are what I prefer)

hot or cold?
black or white?
rain or snow?
give or receive?
spring or autumn?
winter or summer?
dog or cat?
oranges or apples?
love or friendship?
tea or coffee?
tv or radio?
shower or bath?
book or film?
day or night?
sea or mountain?

What's your favourite:

animal - dog
colour - black and gold
perfumes - D&G The One and also Alien
film - don't know
holiday - summer holiday
season - summer
book - prisoner of birth
cosmetic - don't know

New dress

Me and G went to look at all the sales today at lunch, and I found this dress in H&M. There was only size L, but I took it anyway! I'll wear it oversized, with a belt :) Without the belt, it goes down to my knees.. heh

Answers part 2

When you are older, where would you like to live? Somewhere warm, and where there are many cool people! What other languages would you like to learn? I don't like learning languages, I think that once I'll be really good at french and german, I'll have all the languages that I'll ever need in my life.. What make-up brands do you use? Loreal, bodyshop, maybelline, urban decay. Do you work/have you worked? Nothing official, just english tutoring and my parents pay me every week to help them at home and tidy it and so on! Favourite TV show? Desperate housewives and CSI:Miami. Favourite place? Latvia, my bed or in my boyfriends arms. Can you do a 'what's in my fridge' and 'what's in my bag' post? I guess I could! My fridge is rather big, actually got 2, so might be hard and a long post, but I can definitely do a post about what's in my bag :-P What's everything in your make-up bag? Basically foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara and brushes! Do you have any clothes that you don't wear anymore? If so, could you put them for sale on facebook? Yeah, quite a lot actually! I think that's a really good idea, and I'll sort out my closet soon, to see what i don't wear anymore :-) How do you do your eyebrows? I pluck them.. One of them is higher than the other one though, so i pluck one of them from the top, and the other from bottom :D Any tips for good looking skin? Hmm.. You should cleanse it every night, moisturize it, and don't sleep with make-up on (something I accidentally do almost every weekend ><)! What is the article of clothing you constantly find yourself wearing over an over again? There's many! For example a knitted navy cardigan with blue buttons, I bought it a year ago. And black BIK BOK skirt, I wear it almost every second/third day xD What kind of sport do you like? Does sleeping count? Naa, if I had to choose, it would be beach volleyball and badminton and basketball, the only sports I'm okay at, and actually enjoy. What's your favourite song right now? I still love every prodigy song.. Don't have one favourite though. What are your favourite online stores? Asos, Are you cocky? I'm not quite sure what it means, google says 'self-confident and self-assertive'.. I guess yeah, but I try not to be it in a negative way. Where have you already travelled to? France, Germany, Belgium, Monaco, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Monaco, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, UK. I went through a european country list, and those are the ones I've been to :D What are your thoughts about twilight? Over-estimated film.. haven't read the book. Of course the story is quite sweet and Robert Pattinson isn't bad either, but I don't understand girls who are totally obsessed :( Harry potter? Have only watched one film, don't get the hype either. I'm not into fantasy magic stuff.. High school musical? I don't like musical films. A piece of clothing or accessory that you hate no matter what ? UGGS. I'm on your blog does that make me cool? You're already cool, Jonas :P Do you like maths? Circle theorems for the win! Do you like muffins? Haha, of course! Do you smoke pot ? No.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Urban Decay

Some of you told me I should post something about make up. Here's two things I REEEEALLY reccomend! This mascara from urban decay gives me amazing eyelashes, and the eyeshadow set is so nice. I normally couldn't be bothered to do anything special about my eyes, other than mascara and sometimes eyeliner, but this has the 10 most bought Urban Decay eyeshadows in it, and it's so easy to apply! Been making cool eyes for the last few days haha :D

Answers part 1

What are your favourite shops ? I don't have any favourite, but I always find something I like in H&M, Cubus and Bik Bok :) Do you study well at school? I try my best. I fail a lot of tests but generally my average on report is normally around 7.5-8. What is your dream job? No clue.. How tall are you and what's your weight? The last time I checked I was 167cm or something.. and I never check my weigh but I checked it right now, and it's 49kg! (with clothes on and a chain necklace) How do you spend your weekend in general? I go out every Friday or Saturday, weather it's going to a bar to party with friends, or a friend's house, or something with my boyfriend.. Sunday is my relaxing and homework day! What's your favourite way of spending free time? Being lazy and not thinking of any responsibilities! What do you want to do in the future? I got no clue, but definetely not something with science What's your best advantage and the worst disadvantage? Well I'm always very precise and organised. okay not always, but much more than other people my age. disadvantage? uhh i dunno.. I'm pretty nervous and paranoid. Do you like second-hands? What do you think about them? Uhh not at all..somehow I wouldn't be able to feel comfortable in an unknown persons ex clothes! What do your friends and family think about your style? My friends always tag me as 'the fashionable one' on facebook, on those personality friends picture thingies..if you know what i mean? and my family.. my dad always says that my skirt or dress is too short, but doesn't do anything about it. They often give me compliments. When did you discover your love to fashion? I always liked clothes and stuff like this.. maybe because of my mum, she went to a design school, made her own collections, had literally hundreds of clothes! What's your favourite 'home' dish prepared for example by your mum? I love it when she mixes pasta with vegetables! And also she makes wonderful sushi :D Do you prefer 'home partying' or maybe at the club? I like both! At a club, I can wear nice dresses and heels, but at a house party it's much cheaper to drink, but the thing is that everyone always get's really drunk and starts vomiting.. yuck. Write 5 features which describes you :) Uhh.. blonde, fast, tired, ... uhh i'm failing badly at this xD I don't know! Where do you get the money for your clothes, or anything else, from and how much is it in one month? I get around 230 euros each month, but my parents only give me around 40 euros + lunch money "for free"! How do you style your hair, it's so nice! Thanks :) I don't style it.. i barely rememember to brush it, but because I use a hairmask every day, it's feels pretty soft and "brushed".. Which celebrity-style do you like the most? Like which person? I like Taylor Momsen's style and Lindsay Lohan too :) What do you think are important fashion basics? I think some really important things, that everyone should remember, are that not everything that's in fashion right now, will look good on you! I don't wear every trend, some just look ridiculous on me. i'd love to see your natural hair color! could you upload one? Here you go :-) i was around 12-13 here!

Describe what you do when you get readybefore you go out and also when you go to school. I just put make up on, and then clothes :D afterwards get my bag ready :) What is your favorite season for fashion? Probably easter or summer! Where do you want to travel? USA. What do you keep in your purse? Money, phone, keys. How many boyfriends have you had? Unserious - around 15, serious - 3! What is your favorite drink? Alcoholic - sweet shot that I always order in Lesters, vodka red bull, mojito, sex on the beach, beer :D non alc - ice tea, burn, water, milk.

More answers coming tomorrow, this is only halfway! Thanks for your questions <3

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Some people wanted this, so here you go :) ask anything you want to, with no shame.

Hey there

What else?

Some month old photos. Btw, thanks for the advice on what more I should post! Will do video blog, make up posts, more about my daily life etc :-)

iPhone addicts

Me and my best guy friend Jonas. ALWAYS playing with our phones! :D

Monday, January 4, 2010


Got any ideas what I should do more on the blog? Or do you want me to try something new? eg. more outfit posts, video post, Q&A, etc.. ! Have a nice day ;-)

First day back in school

Had some good and bad surprises. Found out some of my exam marks. I got 8.2 in geography, 8 in English, 7.4 in Physics (!!!), 7 in Biology (!!!) :-). But then there was a really nasty surprise.. I found out my Latvian teacher had died exactly a week ago. He had been sick for 7 years, his liver had completely fucked up, but he only went to hospital to start treating it during the last 3 weeks of December, when it was way too late.. Somehow I didn't expect that he would die, I mean the man was in his mid 50's, and actually a pretty good friend, my favourite teacher to be honest. My family sort of knew him, and he had taught me for several years. I guess the shock hasn't really hit me yet, I can't imagine him dead.. RIP

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today's outfit

Biker jacket -
Skirt - H&M

I muhhamed and you?

Some old pictures of me and Amalie! She's sleeping at my house, right now. Gonna play some pool tomorrow.. Don't expect a lot of update. busybusy