Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today :) Got looooads of pics to show you guys, but I really need to study for my math test now. I'll see ya tomorrow x


Two pictures from the photoshoot, made into a gif :D


Hey guys! Remember when I ordered these shoes from

Well, they have given a 15% discount code for all my readers! Simply enter HELLOK at the checkout. With the code, you can get a 15% discount on any order you want to buy. Isn't that cool? Missguided is also one of the few cool online shops that actually ship to Luxembourg, and almost every other country in the world! The prices are also pretty cheap, the highest is probably 40£. The discount is only up for two weeks, and it ends on midnight of 12th May, so be quick! Here's some cool items from missguided :


Guys, you have been very very sweet so now I have a surprise for you! Will tell you when I get home xxx

Monday, April 26, 2010


hey :DLalalaaa
Today I'm wearing thigh high socks, my lace top (AGAIN!), and a blue long cardigan ;) Have a nice day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love you guys!! I always have the most visitors on Sundays, and lately the number is just increasing. Thanks for visiting my blog! ♥
PS. for those who wonder how to see their statistics, I use


There. For those who asked. My room! Black, white and purple xx


This is the outfit I wore to the photoshoot.

This is the outfit I came home with

And the clothes I took with me to the shoot..


I had the worst night ever, my leg was hurting like hell! My dad says it's when my legs are growing, so my bones are kinda stretching in lenght, which gives me pain. Anyway, I feel much better now, and I have to get ready for a photoshoot today! Wish me luck xx


The most amazing guy alive ♥ love you to bits! Yesterday was so nice :)))))))))))


So this is my new top, which is like a dress since it covers my ass. I wore it with shorts just in case, hehe. And yeah, weird outfit pictures, but me and Gabriele decided to multitask (walk and take pics at the same time) : D

Saturday, April 24, 2010



I'm sorry not to have posted today, but i was literally busy the whole day. First few hours I spent madly cleaning the whole house, then i went to park with my friends and then came home with Fred. Got lots of pictures to make up for it! xo

Friday, April 23, 2010


Just some snaps of my "today's outfit" with my fucked up dress : D


FINALLY WEEKEND. I'm not doing anything tonight, but tomorrow I'll most likely go to the park, good weather is promised and finally time to relax! My stomach is bloated and huge after eating the equivalent of 2 big portions of pasta with spinach and I feel like a big fat cow right now, hehe.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


To get such curls, I go to shower before bed and afterwards, I braid my hair while it's still wet! I try to braid it by pulling my hair as much as possible, to make the braids "thin", like on my picture, and then I get more curls :D Here's before and after pics I took this morning :)


I wanted to look like a doll! Some months ago I found I love the color blue, and I have almost nothing blue in my wardrobe. I decided I need to buy blue clothes. Now, I basically only wear blue clothes.. Next color? Off to school now. Have a nice day! x


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angel vs Devil

Good things I've done today: Didn't wear too much make up, went to school early, made my boyfriend very happy, answered a question in french class, tried to understand what we're doing in maths at the moment, caught up with A-M who I don't talk to so often anymore, spent a long time outside in the sun and fresh air, did some notes in geography class and smiled at the bus driver home.

Bad things I've done today: Spent around 7 euro on things that soon disappear (aka food), laughed when the chemistry teacher was talking and didn't study for my upcoming french test.


My fave drink! And this is what I wore today. I decided to no longer care about holes in my tights, because this is my third dotted pair, which I break on the first day I wear them. I don't wanna pay 5e every single time I rip them :D