Monday, August 30, 2010

Just hit me back and let me know what's up

This is my outfit from some of the last days. I love these tights, especially together with black shorts and this t-shirt. I wore this 2 days in a row. Oh, and my mum fixed my denim jacket which had a cigarette hole. Now it looks like it has never been there. I'm feeling kinda empty right now, but I think I will feel better after watching some Criminal Minds episodes. xx


I'm thinking of ordering one of these boots, but I can't choose which ones. I'm kinda more going for the first ones but then I also like the second ones. Please help! Just comment with the number 1 or 2 (depending on which boots you think look better) xxx

I'm back!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beautiful monster

This is the tee I bought in Bik Bok last week. It was so cheap, only 3Ls/5 euro more or less. It's huge but multi-functional and I love it to bits :D The two other tops are just hanging there for no reason, meanwhile I'm packing but since they're on the picture, I can tell that the pink top is new too and was also really cheap, ha!


I miss this guy so much.. ♥ Counting the days.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The game

This is what I wore today. The pink lip balm is so cheap and so damn good. Recommended! Has been a long day, and I need to start packing now! Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog or formspring and for nice emails, it's always appreciated, and you sometimes even manage to cheer me up if I've been previously upset :D

There's nothing you can do

Just woke up, feeling extra tired. Listening to Disturbed (got more than 50 of their songs on shuffle) and getting ready. Have to get an ultrasound today, and it's scheduled really early in morning. WHY?!!!! Anyways, after that, me and my family are going to my favourite latvian eating place called Lido and in the evening we have guests. Tomorrow I will have a photoshoot and in the evening my dad drives to Luxembourg with all our stuff (including my laptop, sniff). On Saturday I've another photoshoot, and then on Monday I'm going back to Luxembourg. I hate flying and going back to "normal life", but I will see my boyfriend again and my friends too, so I'm kinda excited!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today I met lovely Karīna. We had fun going through shops, taking pics and doing other things, hehe! I can only post pics now, no more text, because I will take a well deserved nap. xx

Ready, set go!

I'm ready to go. Crap pictures :D I'm wearing heart tights, the skirt with a bow belt and that top, basically. Today's plans: go to doctor (if there's a free spot), and then meet Karīna. Latero!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Riding around with bikes

So here's more pics from today, as I promised :D Bike riding is such great fun!!! Of course I'm only a beginner, but I would really like to learn some cool tricks :D I suddenly feel so excited about sports and stuff - so not me! Me and Fred want to start some martial art together - will be good for body and i will be able to kick ass. Then I wanna start pilates too cause then I'll become very flexible and it will be good for my back. And I also want a bike (for like ages now). Which one of these will I actually start, knowing the lazy side of me? :D

Today's outfit

Today I was in town with Kristaps riding mountain bikes all day. It was great fun, and I definitely want my own bike. I've always loved bike riding, but have been pretty lazy and haven't bought a new one (since I can't use my 10 year old bike cause it's too small). More pics later!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cherry bomb

Here's some pics from the last few days. Had great fun. The Runaways was a great great movie and those who haven't seen it, should do so!! Goodnight folks xx

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm at my cousins house. We're back from a store where we all bought crisps, then walked home in silence, eating crisps and all finished at the same time and took some photos. 19:00 is time for The Runaways @ the cinema. Can't wait! Have wanted to see this film for ages. Would like to throw in a picture of today's outfit, but I don't know because my cousin doesn't have photoscape so I can't edit, haha. I dunno what else to say right now, so heres a pic for you :p

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm eating these berries (yum!), and trying to tidy up my room, especially my bed area after my morning dressing up chaos. I got this belt in Bershka some weeks ago but forgot to write about it. It's of course a low waist belt for jeans or something, but I always buy belts like that and then cut them shorter and make some extra holes to make it a high waist belt :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Me today

Not exactly an outfit post, but yeah :) All I'm wearing these days is some top and shorts/skirt.

There's a brand new girl that's going round

When I go back to Luxembourg I'll order some stuff, but I'm still deciding. I've found like 20 things that I want, but of course when I'm back (in 10days), some of it might be gone, so in the end I'll probably just order a few things. This is what I want:

These hats and a snood

The skirt, dress and shorts

This belt. I'm so in love with brown belts at the moment, they look great on white lace or a black dress!

This black parka and heeled military boots. They aren't that high, so I think they could be good for school and everyday.

I also love these fake sheepskin waterfall jackets from New Look, but I can't decide which color.

This fake fur scarf thing, LOVE IT

A cluch bag and another of those quilted bags to add to my "collection", hehe

A pair of heels and these mini cowboy boots which I could still wear in summer with shorts/dresses/skirts and also in autumn with some skinny jeans!

I really like all of these things and can't decide which ones to buy, so hopefully some will be gone when I'm back in Luxembourg, and it will make the choice easier :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommas telling me I should think twice

Today has been a very very very boring day. Having woken up at 10 AM makes it even longer and it seems like it's already evening, but no, it's just 5:25 PM atm. I'm just being lazy and trying to figure out something to do, and trying to stop thinking about food, because my mum said if I continue eating as much as I do, I'll soon start developing cellulite on my thighs. Scary! But I know she's right, especially because she was just like me when she was my age, first really skinny no matter what, and then she took advantage of it and was eating fat food all the time and gained a lot of weight suddenly. But I know that diets are no good, so I'm just trying to cut out the huge amount of pasta and pelmeni I eat at the moment, hehe. By the way, I was at the dentists yesterday and I had a hole in my tooth, so they numbed my whole mouth and fixed it. OF COURSE (just like last time) I bit a big hole in my cheek unknowingly, and now it hurts so much. But I bought a new pink toothbrush from them. It's extra soft, kinda like for babies, because I always brush my teeth so hard that I can damage them. Sorry for all the health stuff here, haha, I just don't know what else to write.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello little boys, little toys

My "silver" jewellery, not all of it is silver though :p

Ring from New Look and a 50cent bracelet from H&M

My gold/bronze colored necklaces. The first one I bought yesterday in some kinda indian shop and the other two are from New Look.

My pastel (kinda) hair stuff and a necklace.

Top to bottom: Seppala, Seppala, H&M, Seppala, Seppala, Ray Ban

Hair bows

I bought this bra yesterday in Bik Bok

And two pairs of tights I bought in Bik Bok yesterday too.

I have way too much stuff, like tights, acessories and hair stuff, but I almost never wear any of it. Doh!