Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's outfit

My outfit today. Sorry for the similar pics but I couldn't decide which one to post so I post 4. And in case you're wondering what's up with my bag, it's just full of stuff, like a big ball or something. &I was always scared to walk in these wedges, in case I broke my ankle or something, and today I wore them to school just to try them out, and took ballerinas with me, expecting to into change them as soon as I get to school. They're super high (you can't see it that well in the pics). But to my surprise the wedges are so comfortable! On a normal ground it's easy to walk in. LOOOVE ♥


Yesterday I posted on my facebook status something like: I want a photoshoot, or who wants to make a photoshoot with me? Anyways, something like that. Then I get this cuuute message from Gabriele :D Usually I wouldn't post such private things but I thought this one was really funny.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Doesn't ASOS have the best stylists ..ever?! They dress the models so well. Makes me wanna buy everything, even the most hideous items. I think their website is a great source for inspiration when you don't know what to wear, just look at some clothes and see the way ASOS styled it ;)

Electric blue/striped

My outfit today! I never wore these shoes before, and felt like I'm just wasting money if I buy them and never wear then, so I put them on, painted my nails and was off to school! Now I'm coloring my hair and watching gossip girl. xoxo

September 29

Here's some pics my sister took of me. I will probably update later, now I gotta run and make mashed potatoes :)


Here's some better pictures of my new black/white jumper! I'm getting ready for school, now. Got second lesson free, so I will go for a quick mini shopping: present for Maria (happy birthday!!!!), some make up for myself and other things.. :) Also gotta spend this 20euro H&M gift card that my sister just bought me for my birthday. She, as always, did a trick on me. I came in my room and there was a big box wrapped in pretty present paper on my bed. When I opened it, inside it was a smaller box wrapped in the same present paper. When I opened the second box, there was a little note inside, something like : "you've been tricked! your real present is in one of the silver boxes on your desk!" (the shiny pretty boxes I bought recently) :D and then there was this card inside. Nice!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My life seems complete, somehow. I'm getting really good marks and good comments from teachers. I have the world's sweetest friends and boyfriend ♥. The next few weekends are full of plans, just like I like it. I like being busy! Of course, nothing beats lazy, but I love to be busy too. Oh, oh oh!! Almost forgot! Those of you who have been following me for some time, probably know my love for tv soaps. 90210, GG, Desperate Housewives, ANTM, BNTM and all the rest are on! Boring evenings filled with tv soaps? Check. Empty stomach? Check. Fried chicken that is almost ready and the smell is filling the whole house and making my stomach rumble? Check. Dinner, hurry up! :D

Autumn outfit

This is what I wore today. Wore my zara combat boots for the first time this fall, aswell. Talking about boots, I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a pair of doc martens, probably the most simple, black ones to match all outfits, cause I'm not fully satisfied with these boots, it can be hard to find something to wear with them. Now - off to do homework, like a good girl! Will update you later xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm starting to wear red more often! I know this is just little details, but it's "big" for me, since red is the color I've been avoiding for years. Sorry for the overediting of colors on the last pic, but it was necessary since sometimes my hair+face just become totally white and you can barely see them. That's probably the only thing about having blond hair ;) goodnight, now xx


Stay tuned!


Some pics I took of my sister. She has a blog here (click), but she says she will stop blogging cause nobody goes on her blog and nobody comments, either :D If you want her to continue, comment and read it, follow it and so on, that might motivate her, hah.

Upcoming shows

Here's some upcoming shows that I really wanna go to. If I'll have enough money, I'll go to all of them. I just missed Pendulum cause I didn't buy the ticket before it was sold out, so I don't want to make the same mistake again! xx

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I wish I had these

I lovelovelove these wedge boots! Would love to get them but my paypal is currently empty. FML.

The perfect simple outfit

Morning! Or should I say good afternoon? I didn't take any pictures last night, so I can't show you my outfit (which I looooove) :( Also, tonight pendulum are playing in Luxembourg but I didn't buy a ticket for some reason (it was so cheap - 5 euro).. I'm really upset about it cause I would have loved to go.
PS. I also feel responsible to tell you about two new things I discovered lately.. First of all, tinypic works again. Secondly, blogger now has statistics! Simply go to your dashboard, and click on "Stats".

Friday, September 24, 2010

New stuff

This is what I bought today. During the last week and a bit more in the future, I get a lot of money for choosing my own present :P I'm loving the jacket and tights! Now I'm waiting for Frederik to come, we will eat and chill, and then go to town. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes, by the way :) ♥

Today it's my birthday!!!!!!!

It's my birthday, I'm finally 17 years old! 1 year to go.. ;-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Wanted to show you another picture from my shoot with Tina :) ♥

Today's outfit

Hey! I'm home, tired, wanna relax. But first I will do my economics homework. Did I mention that I wish I had never chosen economics? It's by far my least favourite subject. Anyway, this is what I'm wearing today. It's the blazer I bought from Nora, I have no clue why she was selling it, cause it's totally fabulous, so thanks, Nora ;)


Today is my last day as a 16 year old. I'm getting old! I've a pretty chill day. Done my homework, like always this year (so proud!!), and tomorrow is also pretty chill. In the evening (tomorrow) I will go out and celebrate my birthday with friends in town! Have a nice school day ♥

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a princess

Today Fred bought me this dress for my birthday. I LOVE it!!! It's perfect. Ruffles, pink, nude, pretty, princessy, fairytale-yy (?:P), and so on. Will wear it when I go out on my birthday, probably ;) what do you think about the dress? ♥

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's outfit

As promised! I'm home now, with lots of homework, just watched 90210 (i prefer it from all the TV shows), and I'm drinking milk. I have nothing interesting to tell you about, so I'll just write some boring news and stuff like that.
Tomorrow I'll go and buy this jacket(another birthday present from parents). Today I bought a blazer from Nora. I feel upset at my camera again. It sucks. I took pictures of Gabriele and they're fantastic quality, but somehow always the ones that are taken of me on my camera are always bad quality! Yeah, that's all, some random "news" :D xx

Purple and grey

Heyhey! Today I woke up with an extremely sore throat, which sucks. Anyway, it will be kinda warmer today so I'm gonna wear my gray thigh-high socks with a bow on the sides. The black ones also have a bow but I usually took it off. Will take my camera to school so you might see some better pictures in the evening. Cya!! PS. remember, you can always ask me questions during the day on FS, heh ♥

Monday, September 20, 2010

So now I'm lithuanian ???

Sometimes you can just laugh at people's retardedness.. Please report this girl! So stupid to pretend to be me, and having people comment my pictures and her taking the compliments as if they're meant for her.... ;D

EDIT: Thanks guys for helping me report her. She finally removed ALL my pictures and found a new victim, another girl. And now her albums are full of that other girl's pictures. Poor her.. Don't understand what this insecure girl benefits from, while impersonating someone else.

Monday morning....

Not my best day. Went to bed at 12 PM, really late.. but wasn't even done with all of my homework. Now I'm trying to finish German. Gotta write 100 words, so far got 37. FML.. Today I'll have my class pictures taken, and I don't feel like dressing up or anything special, so I'm just wearing a blazer and high-waisted skirt, looking kinda simple. Have a nice day xx

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm so into all kinda romantic, cute little dresses and other clothing items lately. All about light pink/white/nude, and frills and so on.. I really need more of this! If anyone is planning to buy me gifts for my birthday, you can always buy me something like this :DD