Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 November

(cardigan - H&M kids, top - naketano, jeans - zara)
This is what I wore today (+ my boohoo military boots). I think I've never probably posted so many pics on one outfit before but I simply didn't have the time to choose and eliminate some, so here you go :D Hate the evening quality, you know, with the bad light? I think I almost never post photos of me with my glasses, which I use at home and in school. Tomorrow or in the next few days I will finally get my real ordered lenses (90 pairs), so I'll be able to see everyday! So excited. I'm really jealous of others who can see so well, I never had this opportunity, to enjoy the world and all the colors fully. The glasses help me and I like the way they look, but I prefer going without them, when I'm outside school.

Boys don't cry

(photo from February 2009)
Hey blog! I'm home and it feels like weekend (because my biology test is finally done!). Tomorrow it's my little brothers birthday and I was looking for pictures to print out for him to put in a card, and I stumbled upon some really old ones, including this. I was going through a phase where I really loved blue/ice kind of pictures, in fact I still like them, just now I don't only stick to one type/color! Anyways, I will watch the pilot of The Mentalist now and eat some crackers. Will post my outfit later :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Lookbook ~ Kristiana V
Today I accidentally stumbled upon this polyvore set featuring me, it's the first time that I've seen someone make one of me, so I feel kinda.. haha. The girl who made it can be found here. NOW I will study! Bye!


Look what Naketano (click here to visit) sent me! Since I wasn't home when the package arrived, today I was in for a little adventure. I've never been to that post office before. When I saw the address, I looked it up in my maps app on my iPhone and it guided me there. Was a long long walk in the snow. In the end I got to this big factory place where there were lots of trucks and I was the only one who wasn't dressed in some kinda working clothes there, and I couldn't figure out where the post office is, so I put on my glasses, walked around until I found it. Then, I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to go in, because it didn't look like a place for people to go and pick up their packages, so I was walking in circles outside the post office place, wondering what to do, and all the people sitting inside were looking, haha. In the end, I decided I'll just open the door and walk in, even if it would be a private office for the post office, they could at least lead me further. But, fortunately, it turned out to be the place for picking up packages. Well, I'm proud of myself, haha, and at least I know the iPhone maps app really works.
Anyway, back to the clothes. I really like this sweater and top, the size is also perfect, and they're both something I've been meaning to buy (since I have almost no sweaters and tops), so this was really good timing! Will show you better pictures when I will wear them.
Now I will eat my pasta and spend the rest of the day studying for my Biology exam, which is gonna be so hard. I will try not to check any mails or my formspring!

PS. I got my first 10/10 this year in school - in maths, yup :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The lunchtime chronicles

Beware of Amalie and Gabriele! Raaarrr

Haha, here are some photos we took in school some days ago. Who knew school can be fun too?

Black boots

(bianco boots, gojane wedges, mango peeptoe wedges)
I took this photo with the intention of making a whole post about all my shoes, like so many of you have asked me to. The lightning was so bad in my room, that I took around 20 photos of these three pairs and already got tired. I realised that half of my shoes are in boxes somewhere, and I was too lazy to take them all out, too. But I promise I'll do it (!!) one time! Anyway, before you ask me why my shoes are a bit dirty, it's cause they're often lying around on the floor in my room :D

Cupcake baking

This is how they looked like when we took them out of the oven!

We made icings, the colors were so pretty :D

This is my favourite one, although in the picture it doesn't look as good, cause there's flash!

The birthday girl herself ♥

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is Amalie's birthday! Happy 17th, girl ♥. Me and Gabriele made you something, and these pictures might slightly hint it, but you will only find out in the morning!!

Today's outfit

(leather jacket - bershka, hoodie - fred's :D, bag - modekungen.se, ankle boots - zara)
This is what I wore today! The photos were taken after swimming, that's why I've got my spotty swim bag with me. I've got lots more photos to show ya, so stay tuned!! PS: Yes I know my boots are super dirty but at the morning near my house it was snowing and muddy at the same time :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bik Bok

This shop never fails me! They always have so many items that I'd want! Ah, I wanna go to Latvia.

Guys like you make us look bad

To compensate my bad update lately, I decided to throw in a very long photobomb!

Today I'm gonna dye my roots/hair again, excited! My mum will trim my hair sometime soon, I guess in the weekend. This is the hair color I use, for those who have been asking (despite me having written about this before :D).

A big piece of material I saved from a H&M dress that I threw out. I'm wondering what to do with it. Would love to make a skirt, but this material is 1 mm thin, so I guess I need to put some other material underneath and so on = too complicated for one who hasn't mastered the art of sewing.

Jonas playing with my sisters computer.

Bought two glamour magazines last Friday. Feel so guilty, spending money on magazines! But well, i needed them :D. The french one is so I could improve my french, or maybe cause of the attractive cover, haha..

Last week!

Love these colors!

My present for Fred on our one year day. Can you guess..?

Just my garden. I don't know why, but I love this photo.

I wanted a proper picture of my boots. Oh, and my noisy dog, haha.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's outfit

(coat - Zara, boots - boohoo.com, jumper - camden shop, belt - bershka, skirt - H&M)
Hey. This is what I wore today. I had to pixel out my face on the first picture because i look (read: am) super tired! Stayed up till 1 am yesterday, because I couldn't sleep. You can't imagine in how many lessons I fell asleep today.. oh, well. I got my sociology test back, got a 9. Bought a present for my brother's birthday, and also for Gabriele's birthday. Liiiiike.. 8-9 more presents to go, buhuu.. Now I'm gonna choose some clothes to be delivered at my doorstep, always fun! ♥

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I finally bought a new power yesterday (haven't had my own one since July)! This one's from Bare Minerals, was a little more expensive, but hopefully worth it! There's nothing more horrible than a shiny face, so powder is always a life saver.


Today I got my HP mini laptop!! And that's Jonas in the background trying to fix my brother's computer. As you can see, the webcam on my new laptop is much better than the one on my other one!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Wore these today. They've been faithful to me since I was 13. Bought them in the summer before I went to Rock A Field to see Billy Talent, and that was my first time wearing them. They were sooo brown from all the mud, so later I just threw them in the washing machine! My mum bought me these converse shoe laces for 1 euro some years ago, too. Love the combination.

Today's outfit

(scarf & jumper - H&M, skirt -Bik Bok)
This is what I wore today. Nothing special happened. Went to my lenses appointment, but it was a fail because I forgot I need to wear lenses when I go there, so I had to reschedule it. Had economics, which I'm reeeeally starting to enjoy! That's all that comes to my mind about today, hah. Now I'm going to watch some shows, read magazines and tidy my wardrobe.

Black jeans

FINALLY. I finally found skinny black jeans. These are from Zara and the picture doesn't do them justice. Since they're size 34 and they looked more or less my size, I bought them without trying on. At home I realised, that they are really low-waisted, maybe a bit too low, meaning that whenever i bend down, there will be a view :D but i'm not a fan of short tops anyways, so I guess it's okay ;) finally!!!!

Friday morning

(last friday's outfit, image from blogbuster.lu)
Hey guys! I'm awake now, but feel like going back to bed. Will go to my lens check today at lunch. Wearing lenses is so much nicer than glasses, in my opinion! I'm off to school now, this was just a superquick update :D &hearts

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big scarf

This is what I wore today. Sorry for baaad update! Have been very busy. Will write more tomorrow. Good night !!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here's some pics from when I met Kate last Saturday. We just went around to shops and then to blue bar. Oh, on the bus we saw a guy snorting cocaine, that was really weird cause there were people all around :p Anyway, I loved Kate's outfit like always! ♥

5 minutes alone

(shirt - Gina Tricot, belt - New Yorker (I cut it shorter), skirt - H&M)
Hey blog! This is what I wore today. Got my report back. Had 8 marks from 8-9, two 7.5's and four 6.5's, which I'm determined to change :D It kinda feels like weekend because the big stress is over, because now I don't have any more homework for the rest of the week! Already enjoying my "weekend" by watching Desperate Housewives newest episode (click here). ♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brown coat

(coat - Zara, bow - Clare's)
Hey! This is what I wore today. My beloved coat. The quality of the pics sucks but somehow often when my sis takes pictures, they become a bit blurry.. *hint* :D Today me and Fred have been together for 1 year! He gave me a desert rose (I think that was the name). Right now it's in a big water bowl and I'm waiting to see what it happens. But I also gotta do a lot of school stuff today, that I didn't have time before (finish ICT presentation - by the way, do you want me to show it to you when it's done :D? then I have to also write an essay for english and my opinion on what caused world war 1 for history). Cheers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet my dogs

I know this might be the most random post you have ever seen on my blog. But today I took some pics of my dogs while they were in the living room and thought I could tell you a little bit about them, because they're actually, believe it or not, a big part of my life!
The one on the left, is a girl called Kenta (her real name is Chentyt, the first owner gave it to her). She's a Pharaoh Hound, which are one of the fastest dogs in the world. When we let her in the garden and she goes crazy, she just runs around making "8's" in the garden in like.. a few seconds.. She's a really nervous and control-freaky dog, for some reason. Normally she doesn't sleep/sit with her arms so wide, but here she was trying to protect the bone or whatever it is from my other dog, and I just caught a moment when she was still :D.
The little fatty on the right is my white boxer, which is a really rare breed, apparently (not the boxer part, but the white part :D). He's only about one year old and his name is Edriks. I guess in english, you'd say Edryk or something. He's really naughty, and always up for some cuddling. If I'll sit on the floor next to him, he will try to get on top of me and try to "kiss" me with his big mouth.. not so pleasant, haha. He still acts like a little kid, and it's really easy to fool him. For example, when I'm sitting next to him in the living room, I will whistle and he will think the whistling sound is coming from the kitchen, so he'll immediately run there :D. He's also super-duper lazy. While Kenta is always running around and trying to get some of our food, Edriks just lies down in his bed and snores (yep, that's right).
I really really love my retarded, but cute dogs ♥

Light pink

Hey people! I'm home, tired and weak. Don't want to study, but have to. I also want to earn more money, but don't know how to.. Okay, enough about bad things! Today I spent lots of free time with Frederik, which was really nice ♥ Tomorrow we're together for one year! I can't wait to give him his gift :)♥