Friday, December 31, 2010

All Black Photoshoot

Here's some of the photos from yesterday's shoot. Will post part 2 later! I really love the results from the shoot and have multiple favourite photos.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 December

Some pics I found on my camera. Was a nice day with Aline and Anna!


Morning! I'm getting ready for a photoshoot today, with Aline and Anna. We decided to dress completely black, to contrast with the snow. I just realised I don't have as many black clothes as I thought, haha..
Anyway, after the photoshoot I'll meet Anne-Marie, probably go to some shops and interview, so I won't be home until the evening. Have a nice day!

RECAP: August

Of course a lot of shopping, in Latvia!!

Took lots of portrait photos

Full body outfits. ooopsss, just saw a mistake, hehe

Some not full body outfits

My hair was the perfect color I always wanted :D

Freddy came and it was sooo nice to see him again ♥

My hair was blue-ish, but I liked it :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Some webcam outfit shots

Results from my shoot with Tina :)

Shopped a lot!

Of course met Kate

Took walks with my boyfriend in Denmark

Met friends and ate the best ice cream in the world - rasberry! And it matched our nails (middle photo)

Had the BEST time in Denmark!

Wore this playsuit all the time, and decided to make a post on many ways how to wear it.. click here, if you wanna see it again. Now that I look at it, it looks pretty amateur, haha. Many have been asking me to repeat this kind of post, and, again, I always forget.


Me and Gabriele tried to run, and we did it for around half an hour, I think that's a lot for a first time! But then again, that was the first and only time we ran.. buhuuu

We made a lot of photoshoots in some beautiful locations in Luxembourg

Went to RAF festival, it was sooo hot that day, but the bands were great, especially PRODIGY ♥ ♥ Oh and I pixelled Fred's face, because I remember he didn't like the photo, but it's one of the very few photos I took that day =p

Two photos of myself that I actually really like!

Some of the things I wore during June. Although the 5th photo is from May, but I forgot to put it in the May recap :) My favourite is the last one!

Had a shoot with the girls for Amalie's mum's make up salon's booklet. It was great fun. And the other photo is me just trying out really bold eyebrows. I really like it, but would be annoying to do it every day. And what if I accidentally touch it and then have brown all over my face ? :D

Some "action" pics

And some idiot burnt my jacket with their cigarette on a night out >:( but my mum fixed it, HA! >:D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Received a present from missguided, and also received bags full of posters, about RAF, haha.

Modelled for Anna and Josephines jewellery shop.

Took an outfit photo with my phone in my hand, and then it fell :(

Had some great nights with my friends

Drank a lot of always :D

Had a lot of great moments with my friends!

And some of my outfits!

RECAP: April

I was getting ready for a spontaneous photoshoot, so I just quickly threw all the clothes and shoes in this bag. It was really practical that day! I had also bought RAF tickets. I'm actually gonna buy my next year's RAF ticket soon.

Spent lots and lots of time with my lovely boyfriend and my friends in park and stuff.

My visitor number was increasing, and I was proud! Now I have almost twice as many visitors. Thanks to all of them! Don't forget to enter my giveaway(click), it ends tonight at 00:00 GMT +1.

Okay..what the hell was I thinking? Way. Too. Much.

Some of my April outfits. My favourite is the third one! What about you?

RECAP: March

Spend lots and lots of time with Freddy ♥, and friends! The weather got warm, so we spend lots of lunch times outside chilling in the grass. Me, Jonas, Gabriele and Maria also made the most amazing brownies! Since then I've tried to recreate them but failed :(

Some webcam photos that I like! The stripe dress is Gabriele's, wish I could keep it :D

Some of my March outfits. Really simple!