Friday, January 7, 2011


I decided to post some photos from yesterday, Frederik's birthday :) I didn't take too many, especially at the bowling, because the light is so dark there!

One of his birthday presents, Ipad! He already changed the background photo, hihi :)

Awwww :D Here he was concentrating on his ipad, we had some trouble working it, but in the end it went smooth :)

I got him this shirt for his birthday, I love it :D I would love to borrow this shirt, but that might make him think that it's the reason I bought it ;D I'm gonna get part 2 for his birthday gift next week :)


  1. Oh thats so cool (the ipad)

  2. I have an iPad too! Happy birthday to him! Visit our blog :)

  3. thank you so much for the follow! sounds like a nice day you had :)