Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ever since I first saw (clickable :D) I fell in love with these bags.. they're all the same, just different color. Size looks perfect. Shape too. I'm really considering such a bag, or at least similar for school, cause my modekungen one is getting boring.. Which color do you think is the best out of these 4? I somehow like all, and if I have enough money, I might buy all :D

PS. if you're interested, the bags can be bought here (click)


  1. They all look great! :) I wish i could have one ;D
    I think that for you the best choice would be the last one, bc you have black ones, pink doesn´t match so much colours and for your blond hair i prefer the last one that the brown one..But it´s your choice :)
    BTW-A HUGE fan of your blogg !

  2. awww i'm in love with them:)
    the black one and the last one are really nice:D

  3. woow the prices are to die for! i love the cream colour or the brown. they seem more like spring colours for bags and even though warmish weather is kind of far off for us there's no harm hoping for spring weather haha :) you said your getting more into pink lacey things so maybe the pink might blend in too much, if that makes sense?

  4. i'd definitely go for the black or khaki one. but they're all really cute

  5. Eally nice ! All of them :)
    But i think black will go with everything so for a schoolbag i would choose black ;)

    Btw do u maybe know how much the bag will cost with shipping ?

  6. They're all really pretty...the last one is a passepartout :) chic but not too elegant...
    I have two similar to those, but more little and cross-body, they are lovely :)
    I'd like a big one like that and I'd choose the last one

  7. I love the nude-colored one.

  8. Black is classic - I prefer Black

  9. are you sponsored by this website?

  10. thanks for all the tips!

    anon - kinda yes kinda no. i'm only required to advertise the items they sent me. but these bags are lovely, so i couldn't help but post them ;) and i'm actually considering buying one, of course if i get some money!

  11. Has anyone tried to buy one? Cos it says to me that the minumum should be 100.
    can that be right? if anyone knows what im doing wrong I would appreciate it. thank you!