Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hedda Feaver

Remember my blog category blog of the week? Well this week I will tell you about Hedda Feaver. She's a 15 year old Norwegian girl who blogs about fashion. She has such cute outfits, and almost always wears heels from her amazing shoe collection! Her blog is generally pretty new, but she updates often and always has new pretty things to share with her readers. I love all her outfits and I think she has one of the prettiest faces ever (look at the very last pic on this post!). Click here to go to her blog.


  1. wow your so supper cute, glad i found your blog, and i too want a55-250mm lens (cant wait until i get it)
    im enjoying the imagery and the content. I will check back to see it soon.

    happy new year to you! i hope 2011 is wonderful for you

  2. she has such a great style and so do you! glad i stumbled upon you blog -- following :)

    visit/follow me